Kylie Jenner: Tyga Texting Pregnant Star Ahead Of Baby Birth — Hoping To Reconcile With ‘KUWTK’ Star?

Ari PerilsteinGetty Images

Kylie Jenner is just months away from giving birth, but according to reports, her ex-boyfriend Tyga is still hopeful that they’ll get back together.

Though Kylie is said to be in a committed relationship with her current beau, Travis Scott, while the rapper has been on his world tour, sources tell Hollywood Life that Tyga has been texting Jenner about the supposed fact that he misses her a lot.

The twosome spent more than two years together before Kylie Jenner reportedly called it quits back in March, stressing that she didn’t see the relationship moving forward following another heated argument with the father of one.

A month later, Kylie would end up forming a relationship with Travis, and within weeks she found herself pregnant with her first baby, that’s said to be due in February.

But with that said, sources tell Hollywood Life that Tyga still isn’t willing to give up on Kylie Jenner, despite the fact that she’s gearing up to become a mother.

Sources tell the publication that the “Faded” rapper has been texting Jenner non-stop, with messages that strongly imply he hopes there’s a chance the duo can work on their issues and have a fresh start together.

Tyga was not shy in his text messages, allegedly mentioning that he thinks about Kylie Jenner all the time, noting that this breakup has been the longest time they’ve been apart from one another.

The outlet insinuates that Kylie Jenner might feel the same as Tyga now that Travis is on the road and she’s home alone with her family members, but it’s unclear whether or not the lip kit mogul has been entertaining the messages and even bothered to respond.

Insiders have mentioned in the past that Kylie Jenner does not see herself getting back with her ex-boyfriend. She’s solely focused on being a mother right now, and once her baby girl arrives in February, she wants to do nothing other than utilizing her time on her family and her business.

Tyga’s chances of getting Kylie Jenner back seem rather slim, regardless of how many text messages he may be sending his ex-girlfriend’s way.