‘Dies Irae’ Season 2 Release Date Confirmed: 2018 Anime OVA To End Visual Novel’s Story With Episodes 12 To 17

Studio A.C.G.T.'Dies Irae' Anime TV Still

The Dies Irae Season 2 release date has already been confirmed ahead of Episode 11, but the ending of the story is being released in an unexpected fashion. But if anime fans consider the history of the story, then perhaps it is not as unexpected as one might believe.

The Dies Irae anime’ story started life as a visual novel video game developed by game studio Light in 2007, but it was released in an incomplete form only to be finished years later. Initially released in Japan for Windows only, the final version of the game, Dies Irae: Amantes amantes, was eventually ported to Android, iPhone/iOS, and the PlayStation Portable (PSP) along with the various DLC.

An English translation of the Dies Irae game was eventually released in 2017 after a Kickstarter project allowed the game to be developed for the Steam platform. For those who have watched the Dies Irae anime, the game is still worth playing since it offers branching story routes. There is also a recently released mobile game spin-off called Dies Irae Pantheon that should have an English localization in 2018.

Based on the success of the video game, a Dies Irae manga adaptation by Kazuomi Minatogawa began serializing in Kadokawa’s Dengeki Maoh magazine starting in 2016. Author Ryo Morise also released a Dies Irae novel series in early 2016, with five books being published so far.

Then the Dies Irae anime episodes were released during the fall 2017 anime season, but it was also released in an incomplete form on streaming sites. The first cour of the Crunchyroll simulcast and Funimation English dub will end with Dies Irae Episode 11 (technically, it is Episode 12, but the anime adaptation started with the label Episode 0 since the “Dawning Of Days” prequel episode explains where these crazy Nazi sorcerers came from). The Dies Irae anime will also release on Netflix in January of 2018, although the number of episodes has not yet been specified.

Dies Irae Anime TV Promo Art
Promo art for the Blu-Ray box set containing the second season/OVA episodes.Featured image credit: Studio A.C.G.T.'Dies Irae' Anime TV Promo Art

Dies Irae OVA Episodes Provide The Second Season In 2018

The overall anime will be 18 episodes in total, but Dies Irae Season 2 (or the second cour) will actually be composed of six Dies Irae OVA episodes. According to the official website, Episodes 12 through 17 will be released by studio A.C.G.T. in web streaming format with no TV broadcast. The announcement did not specify which website will be carrying the second season nor whether English subtitles will be available. (This article will be updated once more details are confirmed.)

Besides web streaming, Dies Irae Season 2 will also be released as a Blu-Ray box set on July 13, 2018. Costing 15,800 yen (excluding tax), Dies Irae Volume 3 includes all six OVA episodes in addition to original drawings and interviews. Dies Irae Blu-Ray Volume 1 includes Episodes 0 through 5 and is being released on December 22, 2017. Dies Irae Blu-Ray Volume 3 includes Episodes 6 through 11 and the release date is scheduled for February 23, 2018.