December 16, 2017
Leah Remini Will Return To A&E To Investigate Jehovah's Witnesses And Nxivm

Leah Remini isn't done ruffling feathers quite yet. She has made some enemies in Hollywood and around the country, but exposing the bad in Scientology outweighed the potential anger she knew she would receive. Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath was a huge hit on A&E. The second season just finished a few weeks ago, but talk of a third season has been brought up.

Aside from the startling testimonies about Scientology, Leah Remini has mentioned other cult-like groups that have been discussed with her. The country is full of random groups that run things differently, but not all of them have the horror stories that have been brought to light by former members. According to Us Weekly, Leah Remini will be back on A&E, and she will be looking into the Jehovah's Witnesses and the group Nxivm. She reportedly has gotten complaints about both groups, but did not elaborate on what she has discovered.

Having Leah Remini on the case is slightly intimidating. The reception she received from ex-Scientologists was overwhelming. Stories of struggle, pain, and loss filled her inboxes both physically and on social media. It took two seasons to share the Scientology stories, and right now, there is no estimation on how long it will take to share what she uncovers with the other groups she is taking on.

Aside from the Jehovah's Witnesses and Nxivm, no other groups were mentioned. A&E runs another show called Escaping Polygamy, which highlights the issues in that religion. It will be interesting to see if Leah Remini would take on something like that, especially teaming up with the girls who are already crusaders. At this point, nothing is set in stone. Season 3 of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath is likely happening, but the path it follows is uncertain.

It seems there is nothing that intimidates Leah Remini when it comes to getting the truth out there. She has called the FBI over things in Scientology, something she would have never done a decade ago. Remini has raised concerns over the whereabouts of the leader's wife, even filing a missing person report.