Dolores Catania Admits That Ex Frank Catania Would Go For Porsha Williams

So far this season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, viewers have watched Dolores Catania continue to have a very good friendship with her ex-husband, Frank Catania. Their friendship today has remained so good that Dolores has no problem teasing Frank about the other housewife he would go for if given the opportunity. Surprisingly, that housewife is one who is decades younger and lives in Atlanta. During Dolores’ appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday night, she confessed that Frank is attracted to Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams.

On Wednesday night, Frank and his son with Dolores, Frank Jr., accompanied Dolores on the talk show. During the after-show portion, a viewer called in and asked the other guest for the night, actor Michael Rappaport, whom he would set Dolores’ son, Frank Jr., up with. Michael said that he would set Frank Jr. up with any of the Vanderpump Rules stars. Andy piped up that Frank Jr. would go well with Lala Kent. When Dolores asked Andy and Michael who they would set Frank up with, Michael said that he would love to see Frank and Ramona Singer, from The Real Housewives of New York City, go on a date.

As the audience erupted in cheers, Dolores said that Frank wouldn’t tolerate Ramona. She added that the housewife he would really be excited about is Porsha.

“He would not tolerate that for two seconds. He would like Porsha though.”

When Andy expressed surprise, Dolores teased Frank to fess up.

“Oh yeah. Frank, tell the truth.”

Frank let out a coy smile and shrugged as his son laughed.

Would Porsha Williams actually be interested in Dolores Catania’s ex, Frank Catania? A preview for the upcoming Real Housewives of Atlanta episode shows Porsha telling a dating agency that she’s open to dating white men and then going on a blind date with a white man set up by that dating agency. Unfortunately, the date doesn’t go well. Upon spotting her date sitting at the restaurant table, she voices her disappointment, turns around, and heads back into the waiting area. When Porsha finally greets her date and sits down, she nervously gulps her drink. The date proceeds awkwardly when the date jokes that Porsha has hit the jackpot. Porsha’s face makes it clear that she doesn’t feel as if she has. In her confessional interview, Porsha laughingly admitted that she was expecting someone along the lines of Brad Pitt, not Mr. Clean.

Unlike the man that Porsha Williams was set up with, Frank Catania still has a full head of hair. Perhaps one day, Andy Cohen will play matchmaker and have Porsha and Frank, accompanied by Dolores Catania, meet at the clubhouse.