Here’s The Reason Why Randy Orton Has Been Growing His Hair Out

Over the past several weeks, the WWE Universe has noticed that Randy Orton has grown out his hair. A lot of fans might think the change isn’t important, but there’s a reason why The Viper has been growing out his hair. It’s been reported that Orton underwent a hair transplant last summer. Apparently, he’s kept his hair short over the years because it has been difficult for him to grow it out, but the recent surgery changed that.

Randy Orton isn’t the only WWE Superstar who has undergone the surgery. Chris Masters became the first WWE Superstar to acknowledge going through the procedure, but John Cena is the biggest name who’s admitted to the hair transplant. Cena was told to undergo the procedure to help his look on a mainstream level since his career in Hollywood has gained steam. Orton is the latest to grow his hair back after the surgery.

The WWE Universe hasn’t seen Randy Orton with real hair on his head since his “Legend Killer” days, but his decision to grow his hair back out could be just the first of many changes he’ll be making to his look. It’s going to be a small adjustment for the WWE Universe to see Orton with a new look, but he’s likely going to keep his hair for some time after so many years of the same appearance and after he underwent surgery to get it.

Randy Orton is Undergoing A Major Change To His Look

At WWE Clash of Champions, Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura will face Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a match that could have severe consequences on SmackDown Live. Shane McMahon is on a warpath to get rid of Owens and Zayn from “the blue brand” and has made himself a special guest referee for the tag team match. Daniel Bryan has made himself the second referee, so a big angle is coming during the match.

Randy Orton may have changed his look a bit, but he’s still one of the best performers and most dangerous characters on WWE programming today. With WrestleMania season around the corner, it’s unclear what WWE officials have planned for The Viper heading into the year’s biggest show. However, there is no doubt that Orton will play a pivotal role in bringing SmackDown Live into 2018, and it begins on Sunday.