Audrey Roloff Talks ‘Play Dates’ With Jeremy Instead Of ‘Date Nights,’ Being Less Serious And More Silly

Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Audrey Roloff admitted that her marriage with Jeremy needs a little more fine-tuning in the silliness department. The Little People, Big World couple apparently tends to take things a lot more seriously than they should be. Because of this, Audrey and Jeremy are trying to find ways to loosen up a bit more, and their latest photoshoot gave them that opportunity.

Audrey Roloff shared a set of photos showing the couple dressed in silly, yet adorable matching reindeer-inspired outfits. These are the same pajamas they wore in the family picture Audrey shared just a day earlier. Their daughter, Ember Jean, is also wearing the same reindeer-patterned jammies, plus a brown hat with little reindeer antlers in the photo.

Audrey doesn’t consider she and Jeremy silly. The 26-year-old mother admitted that they often spend their evenings “in a serious debate” or brainstorming for their business and ministry. Audrey said that she and Jeremy try set boundaries when they are on their date night just to make sure they don’t end up just talking about “big looming decisions, finances, work,” and other “stuff [that] grows the gray hairs.”

“Sometimes I think we need to schedule ‘play dates’ instead of ‘date nights,'” Audrey said.

While admittedly a failure when it come to lightening up on date nights, Audrey still shared some ideas on how to be less serious and more silly.

Audrey suggested that couples can read a novel instead of burying their nose on a self-help book or watching the news. Audrey also said watching comedies instead of “apologetics, mysteries, and documentaries” will help lighten things up between she and Jeremy. The Little People, Big World star also thought that she and Jeremy should avoid “constantly multitasking” and instead, give each other their undivided attention.

“Maybe we just need to stop idolizing productivity and give ourselves permission to play.”

Based on the series of photos, Audrey and Jeremy are already learning how to be more playful.

“Who cares if its cheesy,” Audrey said. “Dress up in matching PJ’s, have a tickle fight, or suspend yourself in the air balancing on your husband’s feet.”

“Let’s not undermine the value of playfulness.”

Audrey finished her post by joking that her postpartum abs thanked her for the “Superman” photo.

Little People, Big World fans quickly flooded the post with encouraging words praising Audrey and Jeremy for their relationship, the beautiful photos, and for their PJs. Most of the commenters also thanked Audrey for her minding them about the importance of having a little more fun in their relationships.

Of course, a social media post by Audrey wouldn’t be complete without the detractors.

One follower told Audrey to get over herself before sarcastically pointing out that she didn’t sell anything at the end of her inspirational message.

“Ooh you didn’t sell something,” the person said. “Guess you blinked, heh?”

Audrey has been getting some flak for promoting a product or two right after sharing an emotional and inspirational message, as noted in another Inquisitr story. As mentioned, Audrey finished this one with a joke aside from the usual hashtags instead of promoting something.