‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Bill Certain Steffy’s Baby Is His – Won’t Walk Away From Son’s Wife

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Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for next week reveal that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) get big news. B&B spoilers from this week’s soap magazines show Liam and Steffy at the doctor’s office as they discover on Monday, December 18 that Steffy is pregnant. The couple is overjoyed and shares the news with their family on Tuesday, December 19. After that, Steffy’s joy will turn on her, as Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) doesn’t take the news well.

Steffy Thrilled With Baby News, Forgets Cheating

The latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Steffy is still struggling with her guilt and tormented by flashbacks of her steamy night in the sack with her sexy father-in-law. She’s trying to work through her feelings and forget what she did, but Liam’s questions about that night upset her. Finally, Steffy feels like she can push that night from her memory and pretend it never happened, but then reality sets in with this pregnancy reveal.

When Steffy and Liam share the baby news with family, her mind is only on the fact that she’s finally going to have Liam’s baby, at long last. But is she? When Bill hears that his daughter-in-law’s got a bun in the oven, B&B spoilers reveal he’s not so sure that Liam planted the seed. Steffy told Bill weeks ago that she and Liam have been trying to get pregnant ever since they got back together but have had no luck. In her mind, she and Liam finally got their bliss, but to Bill, this baby means something else.


Bill Is Sure The Baby Is His

Bold spoilers from Soap Central promise double trouble for Bill next week. Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) can’t wait to rub it in Bill’s face that he proposed to Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and she said yes. Ridge notices that Bill is distracted, and that’s because, finally, another woman is in Bill’s heart and mind to replace Brooke. Bill won’t like Ridge being a jerk, but the news about Brooke doesn’t mean too much to Bill. Ridge will be disappointed that Bill wasn’t angrier or more jealous.

Other Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Bill is stunned when he hears Steffy’s pregnant and is initially happy for Liam, but when he’s alone later, he runs events through his mind and decides that he must be Steffy’s baby daddy. Remember, Steffy was trying for months to get pregnant with no luck, but then one night with the Stallion and she’s suddenly pregnant. That’s how Bill will see it and then stakes a claim on Steffy’s baby that stuns her and turns her joy to anguish when Bill wants to be a father to her child.


DNA Test Required, But Liam Finds Out

Steffy wants Bill to leave her and her baby with Liam and not ask questions, but B&B spoilers tease there is no way that Bill will let this drop. Bill wants Steffy, and now that she’s carrying a baby that he assumes is his, he won’t push aside his feelings. Bill will see this as a sign that he’s meant to be with Steffy and start another family with her. Steffy will beg Bill to leave it, but he won’t. The best thing for Steffy to do is try and get Bill to back off long enough to get a DNA test done to see if it’s Liam’s child she’s carrying.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise that Steffy getting a DNA test on her unborn child is simple enough, but ordering and taking the test is something she must keep secret from Liam. After all, how could she explain running a DNA test unless she cheated? Bold spoilers have teased that Steffy and Bill would be overheard talking and the cheating would come out, but it could be a doctor visit that does it.


DNA Test Won’t Matter When Liam Discovers Cheating

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that even if the baby is Liam’s, Steffy caught ordering a DNA test would be enough to break her up with Liam. He won’t handle it well if he discovers Steffy was grilling him over a near-death kiss with Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) and calling it cheating but then slept with his dad. With new Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) headed to B&B on January 8, signs point to the pregnancy and DNA test blowing up in Steffy’s face and Liam taking comfort in Hope.

Even if Bill’s not her baby daddy, if Liam dumps Steffy over the cheating, Bill will be more than happy to take her into his loving arms, according to recent Bold spoilers from the soap magazines. Steffy wants to stay with Liam, but it seems that is not in the cards for her. She could wind up raising Bill’s child with Bill or wind up raising Liam’s child with Bill, but she and Liam don’t seem destined to stick together too much longer once the cheating spills out after the baby news. Liam will be crushed.

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