'Overwatch' Winter Wonderland Event Is Now Live Adding Seven New Holiday Skins

Snowy maps and modes are now available in Overwatch for the return of the Winter Wonderland event. Last year's skins and items are back with new festive offerings. Seven new legendary skins are included in the event alongside a new Reinhardt introduction, two emotes, and several victory poses.

Last year's event mode is back in the Arcade. Players can queue for Mei's Snowball Offensive pitting two teams of Mei characters against each other. Overwatch players will need to collect snow to battle which is found throughout the Antarctica map. This Winter Wonderland event also includes a new Yeti Hunter mode also featuring Mei. A team of five Mei characters try to escape a raging Winston in his yeti costume. Both new modes and all of the new cosmetic items are available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One right now, as announced on the game's official Twitter.

Seven of the game's 26 heroes have new legendary skins available during the event. Players have a chance to receive these new skins as loot in their loot boxes right now until the event ends on January 1. The skins can also be purchased for 3,000 credits from the hero gallery, and they can be previewed on the official site. A Snow Owl outfit for Ana, an Avalanche skin for Bastion, the Casual outfit for Hanzo, an oddly timed Beachrat skin for Junkrat, the Ice Fisherman outfit for Roadhog, the Alpine: 76 skin for Soldier: 76, and a Rime outfit for Sombra are available now.

Seven new legendary skins added to Overwatch for the holidays

As the Inquisitr reported, all loot boxes earned during Winter Wonderland will contain at least one item from the event. In addition to the legendary skins, players can unlock the new Reinhardt Snowball Fight introduction. New emotes for Zenyatta and Orisa are also included. Orisa's new legendary emote is especially noteworthy. Her Puppy emote lets the four-legged robot take a seat and play with an adorable dog. Four new victory poses for Genji, Mercy, Roadhog, and Zenyatta are also potential rewards.

Overwatch players can also unlock all the previous Winter Wonderland items from last year. These items no longer cost triple credits like the new event items. For instance, players can unlock Zarya's legendary Mystery Gift emote for just 1,000 credits now. Including last year's items, Winter Wonderland features over 150 holiday items for players.

For the duration of the event, three maps are draped in snow for the season. Black Forest, King's Row, and Hanamura are covered in snow until January 1. After that date, all of the Overwatch Winter Wonderland items will be unobtainable until the event returns.