‘Alaskan Bush People’: Brown Family To Give Update About Ami’s Health Soon? Clan Remains Hopeful And Faithful

Reports suggest that Billy and his children have something very special for their matriarch.

Reports suggest that Billy and his children have something very special for their matriarch.

Avid followers of the Alaskan Bush People television series are now thrilled for its up and coming new episode this month. While Discovery Channel has yet to confirm the show’s renewal for another season, reports have it that the Brown family would return through a Christmas special. Now, spoilers suggest that Ami Brown will receive a surprise from her family on the imminent ABP episode.

Monsters and Critics reports that the forthcoming Alaskan Bush People Christmas special would feature the entire clan getting into the jovial spirit. The news outlet confirmed that Billy and his children prepared something very special for Ami, who is currently fighting for her life due to stage 4 lung cancer. The publication added that the surprise has something to do with their transfer in California.

“T’is the season and, while the Browns anxiously await rebuilding in the Lower 48, they get into the Christmas spirit with a special surprise for mother Ami.”

Aside from that, it was also claimed that fans would get the latest update about Ami Brown’s current health state on the special Alaskan Bush People episode. This is going to be the first-ever news that the avid fans would have about the clan’s matriarch since the seventh season’s finale. In October, rumors suggested that Ami had undergone a second round of chemotherapy after her cancer progressed.

Despite the 3 percent chance of survival, the Brown family remains “hopeful and faithful” that Ami could overcome the huge quandary that she is currently facing. In fact, the 54-year-old reality star previously expressed her gratefulness to her family, friends, and fans who continue showing their love and support to her. Ami divulged to People, in August, that she noticed there was something wrong with her body after experiencing incessant back pains.

“I realized early into this that it’s very easy to want to give up and just die. And on the pessimist side, it could be my last days. But I have the will to fight.”

Meanwhile, there were also reports claiming that Bam Bam Brown and his girlfriend, Allison Kagan, could possibly star in an Alaskan Bush People spinoff. Rumors have it that the couple was spotted filming in New Orleans with a camera crew, which sparked speculations that the family is already filming for the show’s eighth season. However, some fans claim that Bam Bam and Allison might have a different project.

While these speculations could possibly be true, it is important to note that the network has yet to confirm or deny these reports. Hence, devoted followers of the Alaskan Bush People series should take these unverified claims lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

Catch the Alaskan Bush People Christmas special on Friday, Dec. 15, at 10 p.m. on Discovery Channel. Stay tuned for more spoilers, news, and updates!