David Foster Girlfriend Katharine McPhee Rages After Getting Kicked Out Of Mexico Wedding

McPhee calls bride a "loser" after she objects to wedding crashers.

McPhee calls bride a "loser" after she objects to wedding crashers.

Former Real Housewives husband David Foster, 68, might want to make sure he doesn’t find himself in yet another out of control relationship before he lands his fifth wife, as Katharine McPhee was reportedly out of control on a recent trip to Mexico. Over the weekend, McPhee, 33 reportedly got booted from a wedding in Cabo by the bride after making a nuisance of herself. McPhee and producer pal Hilary Shor then went back to their rooms and made videos calling the bride a “loser.”

Though neither of them is talking about their relationship publicly, two of David Foster’s adult children have joked publicly about Katharine McPhee being their new potential stepmother. Foster’s daughters, Erin and Sara Foster, have shared their dislike of David Foster’s last wife (his fourth) Yolanda Hadid of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, suggesting that she was faking the severity of her Lyme disease, and if she could do the Bravo show, she could have rallied for the rest of her life.

“Only she knows her journey, but I will say is if you’re capable of continuing to be on a reality show, you’re not dying.”

Yolanda Hadid has improved significantly since her split with David Foster. Foster and McPhee started dating after he and Hadid divorced.

PageSix broke the story about Katharine McPhee’s bad behavior in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, that was captured on friend Hilary Shor’s Instagram account (which has now been made private). Katharine McPhee and Shor supposedly crashed a wedding in Mexico accidentally and were willing to rock out when the bride asked the two to leave, but McPhee didn’t take getting booted well, calling the bride a loser on a video.

McPhee then went to her room and recorded a series of tantrum videos, the first of which she called “Bride B*tch.”

“What bride does her own wedding security? If you’re doing your own security, you have a problem.”

In the next video, Katharine McPhee suggests that the bride should have considered herself lucky for the uninvited guests at her wedding.

“She could have had a Page Six, New York Post [article] of us coming and dancing the night away… By the way, I was ready to rock ‘n’ roll.”

Shor posted the next video with McPhee, again blaming the bride for being annoyed by the rude behavior, saying that she was probably a Trump voter.

“That bride voted for Trump I can feel it. Rise above the rude bride. She should be so lucky to dance with me, I got moves.”

But after PageSix reached out to Katharine McPhee and Hilary Shor, Shor had remorse, asking that they not run the piece, saying that “it’s not true.”

You know what they say, Katharine McPhee, if you don’t want to see it on PageSix, don’t do it!

Katharine McPhee and David Foster were recently photographed at a place they would be sure to find some paparazzi. E! Online says that Foster is usually a playboy, but he makes time for McPhee when he can in his busy schedule. The two recently had lunch together at E Baldi in Beverly Hills.

Katharine McPhee is best known for her turn on American Idol.