Kim Zolciak Reveals She Met Sheree Whitfield’s Incarcerated Boyfriend, Tyrone, Years Ago

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On Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which showed the women embarking on a group trip to San Francisco, Sheree Whitfield revealed that she was dating and in love with a man. Shockingly, Sheree revealed that this man, Tyrone, was currently incarcerated and that he didn’t tell her that he was going to prison when they first started dating. Despite the fact that this man neglected to tell her that he had a prison sentence to serve when they first started dating and was in prison now, Sheree said that she was happy with him. The other women seemingly gave Sheree their support, although it was clear that some of them had reservations about the relationship. NeNe Leakes in particular seemed to be holding back some words.

While the women on the San Francisco trip were shocked about Sheree’s new man, there is one person among the cast who has met Tyrone. In a recent video interview with Bravo, Kim, who didn’t join the ladies on the trip, revealed that she knows Sheree’s boyfriend. Kim, one of the closest cast members to Sheree, said that she met Sheree’s boyfriend years ago and gave the relationship her approval.

“I’ve known Sheree for 15 years. She’s a very closed-off type of person. She doesn’t trust easily, for obvious reasons. I think honestly, she seems really happy and she has a relationship with someone who’s emotionally gotten to know her. I know this guy, I knew this guy many, many years ago. I think for her type of personalty, I think it’s working…I’ll always support Sheree and her decision, she’s a pretty level-headed woman so…”

Another woman from the cast has also given the relationship her approval. On Sunday night’s Watch What Happens Live, Kenya Moore said that she’s happy for Sheree Whitfield.

“Listen, I believe in love and if she happens to be in love with someone and they’re incarcerated. If um, no shade, no shade, if he makes her happy, I’m happy for her. I mean, I don’t know why anybody would care about that.”

While Kim and Kenya approve of Sheree’s relationship, apparently not everyone does. A preview for next week’s episode shows NeNe Leakes telling some of the other women that she met Tyrone years ago and that he’s a con artist. The scene shows Kandi Burruss asking NeNe why she was so surprised about Sheree’s boyfriend’s identity. NeNe claims that Tyrone defrauded a company out of millions of dollars.

“I met him before she did…He’s a con artist…I knew something wasn’t right with him and then when I learned he was being arrested for frauding a company out of like $4 million…it was a lot [of money].”

Kenya Moore then jokes that at least Tyrone can’t con Sheree out of her home, Chateau Sheree, since the house isn’t in her name.

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How long has Sheree been in a relationship with Tyrone? She confessed to the other women during the bus ride to their San Francisco hotel from the airport that it has been a year since she had sex, so it seems that if Sheree and Tyrone are still together today, that the relationship is now more than a year old. Last season on Real Housewives, Sheree made the final decision to not get back together with her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, whom she revealed abused her during their marriage. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bob tweeted last season that what viewers saw was simply the “reality of most relationship[s] and the volatile nature of togetherness.”

With both NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak saying that they met Sheree Whitfield’s boyfriend, Tyrone, years ago, before the relationship began, perhaps NeNe and Kim met Tyrone together, when they were still friends? Then perhaps viewers will see, in a future The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, NeNe and Kim talking to Sheree about the Tyrone they knew years ago?

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