Forget The Galaxy S9 Or Galaxy X, Samsung Is Creating A Smartphone To End The Bezel Wars Once And For All

If there's one thing that is pretty aggravating about the smartphone market today, it is the fact that so-called bezel-less devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X are still, well, equipped with bezels. If a recent patent from Samsung is any indication, however, it seems like the South Korean tech giant is gearing up to release a revolutionary device that would end the market's war on bezels once and for all.

A recent report from Dutch tech website LetsGoDigital states that Samsung seems to be going one step further in the bezel-less trend. According to the Dutch publication, a series of new patents from the South Korean tech giant suggests that the company is working on an "electronic device with a curved display on both sides of the device."

While the description of the device's characteristics seems to refer to Samsung's now-iconic Edge display, the sketches that accompanied the patent revealed something far more impressive. As shown in the illustrations featuring the upcoming design, Samsung is working on creating a smartphone where the screen quite literally wraps around the device itself.

This means that the smartphone, which is yet to be named by the Samsung, would have absolutely no bezels at all. It would have no chin like the Galaxy S8, and it would have no notch like the iPhone X.

As noted in a report from Forbes, Samsung would be able to accomplish this design by bending the display 180 degrees on both sides and extending it all the way to the rear of the smartphone. Such a design, of course, would provide users with an entirely new mobile experience.

While patents are not really indications that a device with the same design would be released to the market, the fact that Samsung included the manufacturing process for the wraparound bezel-free display means that the South Korean tech giant is quite serious about pursuing its next-generation smartphone design.

Thus, it would not be too long before Samsung releases a device that would put the design of the iPhone X and its own Galaxy S8 to shame. Coupled with the foldable Galaxy X, the yet-to-be-named bezel-less Galaxy smartphone might very well propel Samsung to the top of the smartphone market once more.