Will Jenelle Evans Be Forced To Return To ‘Teen Mom 2’ Because She’s Broke?

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Jenelle Evans has been keeping her distance from her Teen Mom 2 co-stars and the fans of the show since she decided to walk out of the reunion special. David Eason sat backstage and he revealed that he didn’t like the questions that Dr. Drew was asking Jenelle. He decided to tell her that he was leaving and she could come with him if she wanted to. Evans walked out of the reunion special and she did so after threatening to leave Teen Mom 2 completely. She didn’t think she was getting a fair representation. But the reality is that she may need to return to the show for the sake of money.

It’s no secret that the girls get plenty of money for filming each season, but Jenelle is also good at spending her money. She has taken some luxurious trips, bought property in the country, and she also got herself a customized home to put on the property. She also has a few cars and she has probably spent thousands on legal counseling in her custody cases. According to a new tweet, it sounds like some fans may believe she’s broke. Jenelle Evans hasn’t said anything about how much she earns, but some fans believe that she doesn’t have a lot of money left over.

Jenelle is being accused of being broke for two reasons. It all started when Jenelle decided to file cease-and-desist letters, asking her co-stars to stop talking about her. Leah Messer is the only one who hasn’t said anything about getting the letter, but it sounds like she could have received one. Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea DeBoer, Randy Houska and Jenelle’s own mother Barbara Evans all received the letters. Many people suspect that she’s launching these legal warnings because she’s coming out with two businesses. She’s been working on her own makeup line, and she recently announced her own clothing line. Maybe she needs these to be successful in order to step away from Teen Mom 2. The other reason people suspect that she’s broke is that she’s supposedly being paid to share gossip about the other girls. She’s been sharing links to gossip stories about her co-stars and getting paid for it, despite her filing legal action against her co-stars.

Jenelle Evans has yet to announce whether she’ll be back for another season of Teen Mom 2. But since Briana DeJesus has joined the cast, it may not hurt the franchise if Jenelle leaves the show.