'Alaskan Bush People' Star Slammed For Calling Their Family 'Very Private,' Reveals Gabe Is Having A Hard Time

Alaskan Bush People star Rainy Brown is under fire for calling her family "very private" and disregarding the fact that their entire life in the Bush has been televised all-over America and other parts of the world on the Discovery Channel for seven seasons already. She also used the same "privacy" card as an excuse why she is very active on social media.

"My family is really private and that's the only reason why I'm the only one here. And I don't say anything about the rest of my family because they are all very private people."
According to In Touch Weekly, ABP fans are angered by her understanding of their family's position as public figures, particularly as reality TV stars. Having spent that much time on TV screens, fans of the Alaskan Bush People, most probably, have already known so much about them because they have already become part of their lives in some ways.

Truth be told, a commenter left a message on her post that says, "Just as a warning to you about social media which includes this site, if your family is private, it's a disadvantage to correct false rumors about your family. If someone wants to know if someone has a relationship, all they have to do is make an assumption and wait for you to correct them. It's a way of prying out information. And you don't want to play there game."

However, fans seemed to misunderstand Rainy's motives for speaking out in a video shared on her Instagram account. The 15-year old daughter of Billy and Ami Brown only spoke up to shed light on a rumor revolving around her brother Gabe and a random girl claiming to be his girlfriend.

Correction it's 40k!!! OMG THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

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The Alaskan Bush People daughter did not categorically deny that it was Gabe's girlfriend spreading rumors but told everyone that Gabe does not have his phone for a long time. She also told their supporters to not easily believe in anything they hear from anyone.

Meanwhile, she left an open-ended statement, saying, "He's having a hard time. He's phone broke." This leads to another speculation asking what happened to Gabe for him to go through such a hard time. If it was just about the phone, would it be so much of a big deal for Rainy to speak up on his behalf?

While waiting for a proper answer to that question, which might probably and hopefully be revealed on the shows' rumored upcoming Season 8, Rainy shared an interesting update on her older sister and best friend, Birdie. She shared, while Snowbird doesn't let anyone follow and message her, there are times she welcomes and replies to some messages. When? Rainy is not entirely certain about that.