Leah Messer Sparks Pregnancy Rumors With New Incognito Picture

Leah Messer has posted several photos of her children on Instagram over the past couple of weeks and it sounds like this mother of three is enjoying their time together. Now that Teen Mom 2 has come to an end, she can relax and take some time off before the producers return to film another season. While her Teen Mom 2 co-stars received a surprise yesterday in the form of a cease-and-desist letter, Leah revealed she wasn't sure if she had received one. However, it sounds like she didn't really care as she was busy doing things for herself. Yesterday, Leah posted a photo of herself but fans didn't think it was her.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer didn't look anything like herself in the photo. She was completely covered in clothing, accessories, glasses and even a hat. In the caption for the photo, Messer simply revealed that she really "needed this," as if she had received a treatment of some sort. However, in the photo, Leah is holding her bag on her stomach and people immediately started guessing that she was pregnant. Messer has previously denied being pregnant, but her actions have people talking.

It's also interesting that Leah Messer is going incognito with her appearance. Usually, she's showing her long blonde hair and she isn't hiding her face with sunglasses. Maybe she didn't want to be recognized because she was going to a public place for an appointment. However, it's also possible that she didn't want to be spotted because she's hiding a pregnancy. While Leah has revealed that she's not dating anyone and she's definitely not pregnant, things have changed over the past couple of months. On the Teen Mom 2 reunion special Leah and Jeremy Calvert couldn't confirm whether they were working on getting back together. If Messer is pregnant, it's possible that Jeremy is the father. But fans should probably believe her when she says she's not pregnant.

Leah Messer may return to Teen Mom 2 when the next season starts filming. For now, the girls may have some time off. For now, fans can enjoy the girls from Teen Mom OG.

[Featured Image via MTV]