Netflix Streaming War: Goodbye Marvel Series, Says Disney As They Plan o Launch Their Own Cheaper Hub In 2019

Iron Fist may have been a big blow for Netflix when it came forcing its way to Marvel fans’ hearts, especially after the great performances of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage.

Then, when The Defenders came, it all came down as they tried to put the focus on Iron Fist’s storyline.

Aside from the Iron Fist antics, there’s a different reason why Disney decided to halt its Marvel productions on the streaming site. The Punisher may be the last bit the fans would be seeing from this year up to 2019.

According to Wall Street Journal, Disney simply has streaming plans of their own. It is not particularly made to combat Netflix, but the company feels they wanted a platform that’s “Pro-Disney.”

Disney, after acquiring the Marvel universe, has released multiple silver screens that were box office hits. At the same time, their partnership with Netflix in producing the series for individual Marvel characters played out well.

However, the House of Mouse is still adamant in pursuing their own streaming service. But, coming in years later in the game would not be a disadvantage.

The Disney streaming platform will host Pixar movies like Toy Story 4, Lion King, and Frozen 2. At the same time, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that there are already Disney originals lined up for the streaming service, including the live-action of Star Wars TV series and a new Marvel show. There will also be a continuation of the loved High School Musical series as well as other Pixar titles.

According to The Verge, this big divide of Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney will be about the quality of content. At the end of the day, what users care about are the shows they are watching and not the video hosting platform. Even YouTube allows users to watch the latest movies for rent.

This is where the exclusive deals from Disney matters. Netflix already has its own award-winning shows on its roster, but pieces like The Crown would be hard to replicate. At present, Netflix is still experimenting, launching and canceling their own shows in a short period of time.

On the other hand, Disney has been known to produce live action as well as animation shows and films that are acclaimed all over the world.

Come 2019, fans and critics will just have to wait and see who will win the hearts of the people.

[Featured Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Netflix]