KISS Singer Paul Stanley Criticizes Both Marilyn Manson And Charles Manson With A Single Tweet

Following the death of convicted murderer Charles Manson on November 19, a variety of celebrities have weighed in on social media. The majority of celebrities seemed to be critical of Manson, a former cult leader responsible for the death of nine people, not giving the usual "R.I.P." tribute that a notable figure in history may have received. Singer Marilyn Manson -- who is notably named after Charles Manson, as explained in his 1999 memoir The Long Hard Road Out of Hell -- took a different route, paying tribute by reposting a previously-recorded cover of Charles Manson's song "Sick City."

This action by Marilyn Manson, as spotlighted by many media outlets -- including the website of rock tastemaker KROQ -- led to the sharing of Manson's tweet. This irked KISS vocalist Paul Stanley, who took offense to both Manson's recording and his subsequent social media posting. Stanley said via Twitter on November 20, "[It's] pathetic when somebody [whose] career never really took off is desperate enough to try for publicity by connecting himself to the news of a murdering scumbag's death."

This reaction by Stanley has since gained coverage from major rock outlets like Loudwide, NME, Blabbermouth, and Ultimate Classic Rock. Manson, a noted KISS fan, has not yet responded to Stanley's tweet. Manson, who has nearly 1.4 million Twitter followers, has already received over 1,600 re-tweets of his posting from November 19. By comparison, Stanley, who has since posted other content on his Twitter account, has under 400,000 followers on Twitter and has received less than 500 shares as of this article's writing. Notably, Stanley's posting was directed at the social media accounts of Rolling Stone and Ultimate Classic Rock.

Currently, Marilyn Manson is on tour in support of his 2017 full-length album Heaven Upside Down, including an upcoming show at the Hollywood Palladium on January 15, 2018. Paul Stanley, who was onboard the KISS Kruise VII earlier this month, has done recent concerts with both KISS and his soul-influenced side project Soul Station.


[Featured Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]