'Little People, Big World' Star Amy Roloff Reveals She Misses Teaching, Says She Would 'Love To' Teach Again

Inquisitr Staff

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff revealed to her social media followers recently that she misses teaching "a lot" and even shared that she would "love to" teach again. Amy Roloff is best known on the small screen as a busy and doting stay-at-home mom to her four children, Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob, on the family's long-running TLC reality TV series about living everyday life with dwarfism. Some of Amy Roloff's social media followers didn't even know that she used to teach in earlier episodes of Little People, Big World, but according to Amy on her business Facebook account on Monday, she would "love to" teach in the classroom again.

Amy Roloff, 53, shared a photo on Facebook on Monday morning of a short note that she received attached to a purchased coffee from the parent of one of her former preschool students. The note explained that Amy Roloff was the "best preschool teacher," along with a small hand-drawn heart beneath the message. The Little People, Big World matriarch said that "Monday morning" was "made even better" when she saw a rainbow -- photo included -- and also met a mom who "wrote a note on my coffee" and who is a barista at the coffee shop. According to Amy Roloff, she once "taught her daughter who is in 10th grade now."


Comments on Amy Roloff's Facebook post called the rainbow "beautiful" and the note "truly cool." More than one comment on the Monday morning post said that Amy Roloff was probably an "amazing" and "wonderful" teacher -- and a "great mom," too. One follower shared that she never knew that Amy Roloff had been a teacher, which led to a discussion about Amy teaching in the "early days" of Little People, Big World and how she "put on graduation program" in one episode for her preschool class.

The "What the Deck?" episode during Season 4 of Little People, Big World premiered on TLC in 2008 and shows Amy Roloff trying to "focus on her preschool class graduation" amid Matt Roloff's ongoing remodel "construction chaos," as summarized on the Little People, Big World TLC website.

Several of Amy Roloff's followers asked if she had ever thought about teaching again, and Amy replied back that she would "love to" teach again, but she spends her time speaking now at conferences and events across the country about bullying and the impact bullying has on children. The Inquisitr previously shared that Amy Roloff is "no stranger to bullying," as she's been a target of bullying throughout her life due to her achondroplasia dwarfism. Amy Roloff wore an orange shirt last month to show that she stands against bullying, and her Facebook followers commented that they "applaud" Amy for "bringing awareness to bullying."

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