'Dancing With The Stars' News: 'Mini Season' Teased For Spring 2018, 'DWTS Junior' Reportedly Ditched

Stacy Carey

Dancing with the Stars fans are eagerly anticipating the big finale performances of Season 25, especially considering that the network had previously announced there would not be a traditional season in the spring of 2018. ABC was planning to do a junior version of DWTS, but now host Tom Bergeron has shared a teaser indicating that plans had changed. What's the scoop?

Little had been said about Dancing with the Stars Junior since the original announcement about it, but DWTS fans had seen announcements confirming that Season 26 of the traditional format would not air this spring. Now Tom Bergeron, the host of the regular franchise, has revealed via Twitter that plans for the spring have changed.

Bergeron shared that the idea of a Dancing with the Stars Junior has been ditched, at least for now. However, there will still be some kind of DWTS presence on ABC next spring. It seems that there is a "mini-Spring season" of some sort coming together, and more information will come out on Tuesday. Interestingly, this offering will be just four weeks long and it will not be Season 26. The traditional format will be back in the fall of 2018 and that is the official Season 26.

Some other DWTS fans have wondered if this could be some kind of pro face-off with Dancing with the Stars professionals battling with and against one another, sans celebrities. Another theory, noted by @DWTSGossip on Twitter, is that this could be an opportunity to bring in higher-profile celebrities who resist committing to a full-length season. Perhaps the celebrities would be people typically considered "ringers" who can jump in and provide top-notch performances immediately.

More information about this spring mini-season will be out soon, but Tom Bergeron's teases have definitely gotten DWTS viewers buzzing. The current competition wraps up this week and Dancing with the Stars followers are glad to hear that they have something coming up in the spring that can tide them over until Season 26 next fall.