New 'Overwatch' Hero Available: Play Moira For Free Right Now

David Stonecipher

With her ability to heal allies and damage foes, Moira is the sixth support character in Overwatch. The new hero is now available to play for free without having to unlock her with in-game currency or paid DLC. Moira brings the total number of Overwatch characters to 26, and she is the fifth character released after the game launched.

Moira has no gun in the game and instead uses technology shot from her hands to fight. Her left hand can heal allies at the cost of biotic energy, while her right hand can link to enemies damaging them. The attack of her Biotic Grasp fuels the ability to heal teammates, but the resource also comes back slowly over time. According to the game's Twitter account, she is now available to play on all three platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Overwatch was also updated for the release of Moira. The new patch is also out now on all systems with bug fixes, balance changes, and more. One fix makes sure Roadhog's chain does not stay hooked to players for longer than it should. The patch also changes Mercy's Resurrection ability, giving it a cast time that can be interrupted. Players can view all of the changes in the patch notes listed on the game's official forums.

In addition to some new UI improvements aimed at making objectives and map progress clearer, the Arcade now features daily matches. One of the five available matches in Arcade mode will now change on a daily basis. For instance, one day the match could be a lockout variant, while the next day players can battle each other with low gravity.

The update also includes a damage buff to Ana and a quality-of-life change for Winston. His Barrier Projector now provides a visible health bar, letting him know when it is about to expire. This is similar to the barriers provided by Orisa and Reinhardt.

Overwatch is currently free to play for the weekend. Players on PC simply need a account to start playing right now. Those on PlayStation 4 will need an active PlayStation Plus subscription, while users on Xbox One will need an Xbox Live Gold membership.

Everything is available to free players over the weekend, including all 26 heroes and maps. However, Free players cannot access competitive mode, as reported by the Inquisitr. The free Overwatch weekend ends on November 20.

[Featured Image by Blizzard Entertainment]