‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Evidence Reveals P6 Is Stone Cold, Current Jason Devastated

General Hospital spoilers for November tease heated scenes between Jason and Patient 6. As the search continues, a piece of evidence will convince Port Charles residents that Patient 6 (Steve Burton) is Jason Morgan. Current Jason will continue to feel like the situation is out of control, and he has every reason to feel that way.

Spoilers reveal Jason will hand over a new task to Curtis (Donell Turner). However, luck will not be on his side. General Hospital spoilers reveal Jason will feel more insecure in the upcoming weeks. It seems like Sam (Kelly Monaco) will change her mind. Carly has been trying to point out Patient 6 is Jason. Sam also feels a familiar presence when Patient 6 is around. Eventually, Sam will choose Patient 6, and this will make Jason even more frustrated. However, spoilers reveal Jason will use this challenge as a source of motivation. If he wants to prove his identity, he needs evidence, and he should find it fast. Curtis and Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) will team up to find clues about Drew’s identity.

During the investigation, General Hospital spoilers reveal Jordan will become emotional, and she will ask for a favor. There are no clues as to what this request could be, but it could have something to do with the evidence they find. Month-end spoilers for November reveal Curtis will stand by his promise.

Coincidentally, Carly will confront Jason at the same date. Carly will be her usual self, and she will rile up Jason during their conversation. Spoilers reveal it will be a tense meeting, and Jason will continue to insist Patient 6 is Drew. Jason will shout he is Jason Morgan from the rooftops to make his point clear. Current Jason will not back down from the fight because he believes he is the real Jason.Unfortunately, fate will not be on his side. General Hospital spoilers reveal Jason will experience a crushing blow, and this could have something to do with the investigation.

General Hospital spoilers reveal he will have a change of heart. Franco has been keeping a huge secret, and he always felt on edge while trying to conceal information. On Nov. 30, Franco might reveal what he heard from Andre and what he knows about Drew. Franco thinks Patient 6 is Jason Morgan. If Jordan and Curtis uncover evidence supporting Patient 6’s claim, Franco’s statement could make the findings even more conclusive. General Hospital spoilers tease more proof will come along, and the investigation is far from over.

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