‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Attracted To Stone Cold Jason, Patient 6, Sonny Goes After Dr. Klein’s Boss

General Hospital spoilers reveal Patient 6 and Sam will have another face-to-face encounter. The current Jason Morgan is losing confidence as more Port Charles residents rally to Stone Cold Jason’s side. During the meeting, Sam can’t help but feel the familiar presence of the man she loved.

Fatal Attraction

General Hospital spoilers reveal Sam will see Patient 6 again. Port Charles is a small town. With Patient 6’s face out in the open, Sam should accept the fact that they will run into each other from time to time. Based on the preview, Sam and Patient 6 will have an emotional encounter.

Sam knows Jason is having a hard time — many of his trusted friends think he is the impostor. Sam loves the current Jason, but she can’t shake off her attraction to Patient 6. According to Shelly Altman, General Hospital‘s co-head writer, Sam has to figure out her feelings towards Patient 6. Liz will also have mixed emotions towards classic Jason. Given this situation, it’s not surprising why current Jason and Franco will feel threatened. It seems like Sam and Liz will have to get used to seeing the man around since he will be in Port Charles for a long time.

Sam will try to keep her guard up but she wants to confirm if she is just attracted to the man’s face. Patient 6 and Sam’s conversation will mostly involve Danny and Scout. General Hospital spoilers suggest he doesn’t want to do anything which could hurt Sam’s beautiful children. Meanwhile, Monica will stand by the son she knows. She will tell Jason not to worry about Sonny and Carly.

Who Is The Mastermind?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Patient 6 and Sonny will use Dr. Klein to find out who the mastermind is. The identity of the boss could remain secret for a while, but there will be clues as to who he is and what he is after.

Sonny and Patient 6 could use the doctor as bait. However, the sinister plot remains to be a closely guarded secret. However, more details would likely emerge soon.

Other General Hospital Spoilers


While the twin saga continues, Alexis will deal with Julian’s problems. She will ask Ava to help with the matter. Kiki will also ask Dr. Bensch for some advice. It seems like she wants his opinion about the formula Dr. Klein handed Ava. Sonny and Patient 6 could use the doctor as bait. However, the sinister plot remains to be a closely guarded secret. More details would likely emerge soon.

Once Griffin hears about the formula, he will also be worried. Dr. Klein has a questionable character after all. Ava only wants to restore her beauty. There are also detailed notes thanks to Patient 6. General Hospital spoilers tease that this could result in a major conflict for Grava.

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