Jill Duggar Asked If Pregnant Again On Family Facebook, New Baby Featured On Instagram To Assuage Worries

Jill Duggar just gave birth to her new baby in July, but she may be pregnant again. For the past month, many of Counting On fans have been noticing that she is looking a little round around the middle. The fact that she and her husband, Derick Dillard, decided not to return to dangerous Central America, may mean that she felt safe enough to continue growing her family.

These pregnancy rumors started when her husband posted a picture of his wife with her baby boys during a homecoming event hosted by his high school. In the picture, she appeared happily surrounded by her kids, wearing a top that was loose around her tummy.

Then again, in a trip that the Dillard family took to Washington D.C., the fans remarked that Jill still looked as though she is having another baby in a picture taken during a lunch date with her husband’s friend.

The latest video on her family’s Facebook page shows the 26-year-old Duggar cooking up a storm with her younger sister, Johannah. Like in her other Instagram uploads, she was also asked if she is expecting a third baby sometime soon.

One fan asked, “Aww is she pregnant again?”

“I second this,” another quipped. “Is she having another one?”

Some fans have spoken up about the fact that others should never assume that she is pregnant, just because of her looks.

“[P]oor girl, everyone making assumptions based on her size! Never make assumptions about a woman being pregnant,” the fan wrote. “I hope you don’t say things like that to women you pass in the grocery store.”

Another rumor that she is countering is that something is wrong with her new baby Samuel. In many of the pictures she uploaded of him, his hands were covered. She also has not posted a lot of pictures of her new baby, which has increased the suspicion around his well being amongst her followers.

Her newest picture of her two baby sons assuaged many of the fears from her fans.

“Jill they are beautiful,” one fan commented. “Samuel and Izzy have really grown. I knew Izzy would be a loving big brother because he has been always been such a kind and sweet little boy. Samuel’s eyes are so pretty and he looks real comfortable sitting in Israel’s lap. So happy for you and Derrick and glad you four stayed in Arkansas for awhile. So many people need help here in the US and y’all will be safer here.”

Do you think Jill Duggar will announce that she is indeed pregnant? Or do you think she is just rocking her postpartum body? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Jill Dillard/Instagram]