Donald Trump Impeachment: More Than A Million Americans Sign Petition To Impeach The President

Donald Trump's impeachment is not the stuff of liberal dreams anymore.

In light of the significant escalation of the investigations into whether Donald Trump's campaign colluded with Russia in helping tilt the 2016 presidential election in his favor, more and more Americans are getting restless. A host of problems have already plagued the Trump presidency since he took office in January, but the Republican-dominated Congress has so far successfully evaded any responsibility to rein in what has proved to be a heavy-handed and capricious administration. Trump has made no significant legislative achievements, has constantly brawled with military families and sportspeople, has antagonized hostile foreign powers like North Korea, and now bears witness to the indictment of three of his former staff members following the advancement of Robert Mueller's investigations, as reported by the New York Times.

While liberals in the House and Congress have sporadically mentioned the constitutional possibility of Donald Trump's impeachment in private for some time, now it has morphed into a full-blown campaign under the stewardship of Democrat donor and hedge fund billionaire, Tom Steyer, who committed $10 million to the impeachment campaign. Ads asking Americans to hold their leaders accountable and push for the due process for Donald Trump's impeachment were aired nationally this past week, resulting in a consolidated campaign that has already received more than a million signatures.

The "Need To Impeach" campaign states that it is time that Americans realized the danger Donald Trump's continued presence in the White House posed to the country's democracy.

"Donald Trump has brought us to the brink of nuclear war, obstructed justice, and taken money from foreign governments. We need to impeach this dangerous president."
At the time of writing, the petition for Donald Trump's impeachment had been signed 1,119,720 times, reports The Hill.
Earlier, in response to the consolidated campaign to impeach him, Trump tweeted out his disapproval for Tom Steyer, calling the billionaire donor and environmentalist "wacky and unhinged."
The Steyer-funded Donald Trump's impeachment campaign began 10 days ago, but Monday indictments of senior Trump campaign staffers, including former campaign manager Paul Manafort and his associate, Rick Gates, as well as the astonishing confession by former campaign National Security adviser George Papadopoulos, has led Steyer to believe that every conversation about the administration from now on must place the sword hanging directly above Trump's shoulders, according to Axios.
"The Mueller indictments put us in a place where impeachment is firmly on the table... from now on, every conversation about the administration has to include when he's going to be impeached."
It remains to be seen if the overwhelming response to Donald Trump's impeachment efforts, coupled with the fact that Trump appears at his most vulnerable after the indictments, leads to any serious effort on the part of Congress, but it is something that is definitely playing on everybody's minds now, including Trump himself.

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]