Bungie Delivering ‘Destiny 2’ Updates To Address Player Complaints Starting Next Week

The Destiny 2 community has had plenty to gripe about with the sequel since the shooter was released to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in September. Bungie shared details Thursday on what complaints it is working on addressing with some of the first coming in an update planned for next week.

Bungie has moved the maintenance and updates to Destiny 2 to the Live Team with the release of the PC version earlier this week while the team that built the game moves on to future expansions and other content. For those that aren’t familiar, the Live Team was responsible for many of the updates to Destiny 1 following the release of The Taken King. This included all the events like The Festival of the Lost and The Dawning plus all the gameplay and weapon balance updates.

The Live Team is now working on addressing the long list of issues that players have brought to the attention of Bungie since completing the campaign and toward the end game. This includes everything from the rewards system to improvements to Iron Banner and Faction Rallies to mods to gameplay and weapon balancing.

These improvements will start next week with the 1.0.6 patch which addresses one of the common Destiny 2 complaints of traveling to a zone to jump into a public event but not finding anyone else to help with the event. The patch notes state the update will deliver a fix to the “issue causing players to encounter empty public spaces too often in free roam.”

The Iron Banner armor coming to season 2 of Destiny 2.

Crucible complaints will also be addressed in next week’s Destiny 2 update. The recent Iron Banner event really brought issues with player spawns in Control to light as players found themselves spawning at a disadvantage with nearby enemies. The update will address player spawns in Control along with reducing the life count from 8 to 6 in Survival with a round time limit of two minutes.

Additionally, Supremacy is receiving some major changes with a point being rewarded for downing an enemy and the spawning system being addressed there as well. Furthermore, the score limit for the following four modes are being adjusted:

  • Clash down to 50 points from 75 points
  • Control down to 90 points from 100 points
  • Supremacy increased to 70 points from 50 points

There are more updates planned for Destiny 2 though an exact timeline was not provided.

  • New systems and rewards to give our most engaged players additional, optional pursuits.
  • Better incentives for players who complete challenging Prestige activities.
  • Better rewards and replay value for strikes, adventures, and Lost Sectors.
  • Private matches for the competitive community (we are targeting early 2018).
  • Crucible tuning like adjusted Supremacy scoring and better spawning rules.
  • Better incentives for completing Crucible matches (and penalties for quitting competitive games).
  • Continued improvements to Iron Banner and Faction Rallies, including uniqueness of rewards.
  • Changes to make the mod economy more interesting and impactful.
  • Ongoing improvements to Exotics, including adjustments to reduce instances of duplication.
  • New ways to spend surplus currency and materials (looking at you Legendary Shards).
  • An emote interface that allows players to equip Salty, Spicy Ramen, Six Shooter, and Flip Out all at the same time.
The Dawning armor coming to Destiny 2 Season 2.

Some of these will come with Season Two of Destiny 2 planned to coincide with the launch of the Osiris DLC in December. This includes Iron Banner and Faction Rallies which will re-work the Token reward system to allow players to purchase weapons and armor instead of depending on the random roll of an engram reward.

The second season of Destiny 2 will also bring the first season event with The Dawning. This will also refresh the armor and weapon reward for Eververse, Iron Banner, Faction Rallies, and other opportunities to earn rewards in-game.

[Featured Image by Bungie/Activision]