New York Gets Its First Model 3, Gives Tesla Fans A Glimpse Of EV With License Plate

While Tesla has yet to release its latest production figures for the Model 3, more and more signs are pointing to the idea that the EV maker is starting to hit its stride with the manufacture of its latest and possibly most disruptive vehicle to date. Just recently, images of the first Model 3 in New York emerged, and it has garnered quite a lot of attention online.

As noted in an Electrek article, the recently spotted Model 3 in New York was a white unit equipped with smoked headlights and taillights. The interior of the recently spotted Model 3 was black, which all but gave the mass market compact sedan a premium look. Interestingly, the Model 3 unit was also equipped with the carmaker’s Aero Wheels.

Earlier this year, Tesla stated that the dark-colored and uniquely designed wheels are actually capable of increasing the Model 3’s range by a significant margin. While the carmaker’s claims are yet to be tested, Tesla has stated that the Aero Wheels could help extend the Model 3’s range by up to 10 percent. That’s roughly 30 miles extra for the mass market EV’s long-range model.

Just like the other Model 3’s that have been spotted across America, the white unit in New York was delivered to a Tesla employee from the company’s Manhasset store on the North Shore of Long Island, where the EV attracted a small crowd.

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One thing that many EV enthusiasts have noticed with the recently delivered Model 3 in New York was how it looked with a license plate. Due to the design of the Model 3’s front fascia, many EV fans had reservations about how the car would look when equipped with a license plate. The Model 3, after all, is all about its simple and minimalistic lines and design.

Looking at the recently spotted EV, however, the license plate on the front actually looks pretty good. If any, it makes the front fascia of the Model 3 look less plain, giving the compact electric sedan more character.

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Considering that Tesla recently registered more than 1,000 new VINs with the NHTSA, and the fact that sightings of the vehicle are increasing by the day, it seems like the upstart carmaker is actually starting to hit its stride with the production of the mass market electric car. It might still take some time before Tesla could manufacture the Model 3 according to CEO Elon Musk’s targets, but it would definitely get there, possibly sooner rather than later.

[Featured Image by Tesla]