Jana Duggar’s Rumored Suitor Spends Time With Jim Bob; Speculation Ensues

With no new season announced yet for Counting On, new photos show that the friend rumored to be Jana Duggar’s suitor is spending more time with the family. In fact, while there’s never been any confirmation of a connection between Caleb Williams and Jana Duggar specifically, a social media account in his name documents recent links between him and the reality star’s family.

While the Instagram account in Caleb Williams’ name doesn’t bear a verified check, it does document numerous selfies of Williams with Duggar family members. These can be verified as being recent, because they include photos with Josh Duggar’s son Mason, who was born in September, and Jessa Seewald’s son Henry, born in February.

The account is also intrinsically linked with the rumors of a connection between Williams and Jana, because it was created only two days after the post on Duggar Family Official Facebook that started viewers speculating about a secret courtship.

Now, Caleb has posted a photo hinting that he’s spending time with Jim Bob Duggar, and bloggers who follow the family are wondering about the link. The post even suggests that it was the Duggar patriarch, rather than the alleged suitor, who initiated this particular visit.

Three social media links between Williams and the Duggar family in the last week of September fueled the rumors.

First, on September 23, Duggar Family Official posted a photo of a family dinner that includes Caleb Williams. Fans began to speculate about whether he’s Jana’s boyfriend, and about his shirt-tucking skills.

Second, on September 25, a new Instagram account appeared in Caleb’s name, starting with a selfie of Caleb and four of Jana Duggar’s brothers.

At some point in the week, Caleb responded to the aforementioned post in a comment that appears to have since been deleted. He addressed viewers’ commentary about his clothing, but didn’t touch the questions about a relationship with Jana.

Since then, Caleb has posted at least half a dozen photos — in less than a month — indicating that he’s spending a lot of time with the Duggar family. He has tagged Josh Duggar, and shown himself holding Jana’s nephews.

First time holding sweet baby Mason! Thanks for letting me hold him @joshduggar @annaduggar @duggarfam #BabyMason

A post shared by Caleb Williams (@calebwill.iams) on

In one photo, Caleb wears an apron in a kitchen of stainless steel appliances that some Counting On viewers thought they recognized. When one Instagram user asked if it was the Duggar kitchen, Williams merely responded with a smiley face.

The clincher, though, came on Saturday when the rumored suitor shared a photo hinting that Jim Bob Duggar had sought him out as a companion for the Razorbacks game.

Thanks for the invite y’all! #gametime #wrongcolors ???????? #wps #beatauburn

A post shared by Caleb Williams (@calebwill.iams) on

It was this photo that prompted the For the Love of All That’s Fundie blog to question the connection, sending the photo on a rapid round of blogs that follow the Duggar family and others in their belief system, questioning whether the photo indicates an upcoming announcement for Jana, or if it’s just an attempt to create viewer speculation.

As the Duggar Family Blog noted Friday, the season finale of Counting On is only hours away, and there is, as yet, no indication of a new season. The show focuses on engagements, courtships, weddings, pregnancies, and births in the ever-growing Duggar family, and, as far as the public knows, there aren’t many of those going on now. This season has featured the most recent two weddings, and there are no (publicly known) pre-wedding relationships now. There is one (announced) pregnancy, but Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth’s baby isn’t expected until 2018, if her wedding date and social media posts can be used as a metric.

If Jana Duggar is in a relationship, that could be the basis for another season, especially since she’s the oldest unmarried sibling, and viewers have watched four of her younger sisters wed while she stayed home, taking care of the family. However, it’s far from the first such speculation to surface about Jana, and so far, none have panned out.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Instagram]