‘Pawn Stars’ Check Out Christopher Reeve’s Iconic ‘Superman’ Suit: Did Chumlee’s Boss Rick Harrison Buy It?

Pawn Stars Season 15 is now filming, but new episodes are still airing, so when perhaps the most iconic item in the history of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop has now been presented to Rick Harrison, fans are paying attention. What has everyone talking? The Superman suit, worn by the late actor, Christopher Reeve, was brought into the shop for the Pawn Stars to haggle over.

The exchange, shared on YouTube, which took just over six minutes, was full of giggles, genuine awe and fascinating facts about the iconic Superman movie and costume.

As Rick and Corey Harrison walked up to the iconic Superman suit that the late Christopher Reeve wore, “The Spotter” broke the ice with a joke and his famous giggle.

“Did you get into my underwear drawer?”

Nader, the current owner of the caped costume stood next to a mannequin modeling the valuable relic, simply stated, “This is the original, Superman 1 costume, worn by Christopher Reeve.”

Rick asked if it was a “weird thing that you wore on the weekends.”

Not missing a beat, the seller replied, “I outgrew it.”

Then it was time to admire this iconic piece of cinema history.

Christopher Reeve wore the costume in Superman: The Movie. Filmed in 1978, the Warner Brothers movie starred Reeve, as Clark Kent/Superman and Margot Kidder as Lois Lane. The suit was designed by Yvonne Blake.

One interesting note about the movie is that the visual effects were so good that they won an Academy Award in 1978.

Corey Harrison wondered if Superman made any money, as he pointed out that the “movie started out with a $20 million dollar budget, but spent $70.” According to The Numbers, the first Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve made over $300,000,000.

Instead of wearing “fake muscles” under the body-skimming blue tights, Reeve went through an intensive workout program to organically fill into the nylon costume. In preparation for the role, he pumped some serious iron in order to build the muscles worthy of the Man of Steel.

Rick asked if there was another costume, and pointed out the long filming days, or perhaps “spilling mustard,” during lunch. Nader said that there were no other costumes, but there was no official verification. Nader also presented a long green crystal object in a case, stating that this was the “kryptonite.”


Nader wanted $300,000 for it, so Rick called in “Tall Rob,” his expert to check it out. He valued it at “an excess of $250,000.” But Rick decided to pass on the iconic piece.

Pawn Stars has filmed over 500 episodes, so fans have seen almost everything. Yet, in the current season of Pawn Stars, Season 14, Chumlee, Rick and Corey have seen even more pieces of amazing history, including the O.J. Simpson Bronco. Although Rick Harrison chose not to buy it, the fact that this particular Las Vegas pawn shop continues to bring in surprises is why the show is currently filming Season 15. Who knows what surprising items will show up next?

Do you think that the Pawn Stars should have purchased the classic Superman costume that Christopher Reeve wore, or do you think that Chumlee’s boss, Rick Harrison was right in passing on this pricey piece of Hollywood history?

[Featured Image by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images]