Kanye West Obeys Kim Kardashian’s Order To Go On Paleo Weight Loss Diet? New Photos Offer ‘Dad Bod’ Answer

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recently have taken different paths when it comes to the battle of the bulge. While Kardashian has become famed for her 75-pound weight loss from a ketogenic diet, West recently became infamous for putting on some weight and getting what some are calling a “dad bod.”

But Kim reportedly has become so upset with Kanye’s weight gain that she has taken action, ordering West to diet. As the Inquisitr reported, although Kardashian has flaunted her own success with a ketogenic diet, she is rumored to have told Kanye to go on a Paleo diet. West even recently was seen taking a SoulCycle fitness class, assumed to be part of Kim’s marching orders to get in shape before their third child arrives.

Kim Kardashian Disapproves Of Kanye West’s ‘Dad Bod’ Belly?

Twitter recently didn’t hesitate to start the fat-shaming slams when new photos of a plumper Kanye emerged. But West’s wife was quick to respond to her husband’s heavier body, according to Channel 24.

“Internet trolls were quick to point out that the hit rapper had gained weight. But his wife Kim Kardashian was having none of it.”

Consequently, Kim reportedly reacted to her husband’s “dad bod” by putting him on a “dad diet.” An insider quoted by the media outlet explained that Kardashian wants Kanye to be in “top form” to welcome their third child in January.

Kim reportedly considers herself already in good shape after her successful weight loss. While West has been seen wearing over-sized clothes as he strolls down the street, Kardashian has been showing off her whittled waistline on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian Reportedly Wants Kanye West In Shape For Third Baby

“Kim wants him on top form for when their third baby arrives,” said the source.

“[Kim Kardashian] says with three kids to run around after, they’ll both need to be fitter than ever.”

The “dad bod” fat shaming of West began in September. But some responded to media tweets about Kanye’s body by defending him, noting that medication could be one of the reasons for Kardashian’s husband to gain weight.


In contrast to those pictures of Kanye at the height of his weight gain, newer photos have shown that West has trimmed down some since Kardashian’s reported orders to West to go on a Paleo diet and exercise, according to the media outlet.

As for linking Kanye’s weight gain to mental health problems, an insider told Us Weekly that although West has “gained a little weight,” he’s emotionally well.

Kanye West Is In ‘The Zone’

Focused on his health, Kanye is in a “good place,” added the source, claiming that West has avoided intense gym sessions.

“He’s not going to the gym as much as he could be. [Kanye has] been focused on staying calm…in the zone.”

As for how much more weight West has to lose, Men’s Health magazine raised the question of whether Kanye can successfully return to his original, slimmer body.


Kim’s husband has suffered through an extremely stressful year, according to licensed psychologist Ronald Levant, Ed.D., co-founder of the Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity and professor of psychology at the University of Akron in Ohio.

West allegedly experienced a psychotic break, struggled with a hectic work schedule, and had to cope with Kardashian’s terrifying robbery over which he had no control. All those factors could have contributed to his weight gain, speculated the psychologist. The mental health expert also noted that if West is on some type of medication, it might contribute to his weight gain as well.

Is Kanye West's over-sized shirt hiding his "dad bod" belly as Kim Kardashian flaunts her 75-pound weight loss?
Is Kanye West's over-sized shirt hiding his "dad bod" belly as Kim Kardashian flaunts her 75-pound weight loss? [Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for EDITION]

In general, individuals who suffer mental health issues may turn to comfort food for a temporary boost, according to the psychologist. That’s precisely what West is rumored to have done, consuming comfort foods such as mac and cheese along with fried chicken and home fries, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

The psychologist also noted the challenges in exercising during a depression.

“When you’re really depressed, it’s hard to even get out of bed, much less go to the gym and work out for a couple of hours.”

Kanye’s recent appearance at a SoulCycle class, therefore, may offer evidence of his determination to follow Kim’s orders to lose the dad bod before the baby arrives. And Men’s Health magazine also pointed to another positive sign for West’s well-being: In recent photos, he’s seen smiling.

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