Free ‘Dying Light’ Weapons, Like A Knife That Provides A Speed Boost, Out Now On PC, PS4, And Xbox One

Although Dying Light released in early 2015, developers are releasing free DLC over the course of a year. Not counting the free piece of downloadable content that preceded today’s update, 10 free content drops are planned for the zombie-filled co-op title. The first update is the Lethal Inventions patch that includes new bounties and weapons.

Three new weapons are available to players on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One today as noted on the game’s official Twitter account. After beating the main campaign, bounty missions open up to Dying Light players. Three new bounties are now included in the game that offer three unique weapons. The Fenrix Axe, Kuai Dagger, and Last Wish Revolver are the new weapons available to players right now each with special properties.

The Fenrix Axe, for instance, features new combinations when dismembering the undead. The Kuai Dagger gives the player a speed boost if parkour techniques are stringed together. Finally, the Last Wish Revolver includes an impressive, practically explosive, sixth shot after the player lands five head shots on zombie foes. Three new bounties offer these weapons and they are repeatable if players want more than one of each weapon. These bounties are Bloodlust, Rise of the Phoenix, and Ace in the Hole.

Dying Light Letal Inventions DLC includes three new bounties and weapons
Defeat zombies in new ways with new weapons. [Image by Techland]

“Content Drop #0,” the Reinforcements patch, released over the summer on PC but was not available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players immediately. This content is not part of the free 10 DLCs, but it is extra content for Dying Light. With “Content Drop #1” out today, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players also receive the Reinforcements content as well. As the Inquisitr reported, the Reinforcements DLC includes new enemy types in Old Town. Defeating the new soldiers will reward pieces of a new costume for the player’s character.

With nine more free updates planned for Dying Light, players can expect quite a bit of content for the co-op survival title through 2018. According to the game’s website, upcoming free DLC will likely include new regions, quests, and mechanics. More weapons and enemies are coming to the game as well over the next several months.

PC players can claim even more free weapons through the Gemly PC storefront. Players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will receive these bonus items as part of the free DLC updates for Dying Light.

[Featured Image by Techland]