'Storage Wars' Season 11 Is Filming Now! What Do We Know, Who's Back, And Will Barry Weiss Finally Return?

Georgia Makitalo

Storage Wars 2017 is currently filming, and the new season will air on A&E November 8. Who is returning to the show, and could this be the year that "the collector," Barry Weiss, returns to the show?

"Ready yourself for the new Storage Wars," fan favorite auctioneer Dan Dotson posted on Facebook. Fans of the storage locker treasure hunt will clearly be excited that a new season is being filmed.

Besides Dan and "pay the lady" Laura Dotson, who else is returning to the show?

Based on social media, it appears that Mary Padian is returning, and this season, we will meet her brother, John, who is visiting from Texas. What does John bring to the storage locker business?

German-born storage locker collector Rene Nezhoda and his wife, Casey, posted on Twitter that they are at an auction, and are back on Storage Wars as well.

Darrell Sheets, "the gambler," is also returning, posting on Instagram that he films with the "best crew ever." Who knows what jackpot art find Darrell will uncover season?

What would Storage Wars be without Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz? Although Jarrod is on Season 2 of Celebrity Car Wars, he is not missing the thrill of the storage locker game. The fan favorites are back on the show, ready to outbid their fellow auction hunters.

Will Ivy Calvin return? So far, there is nothing on social media, but hopefully this fan favorite will be back.

Will Dave Hester return? Based on his social media and other Storage Wars stars' posts, he is nowhere to be found. Then again, odds are that other stars won't be sharing a selfie with him anytime soon, so there is always a possibility he will be showing up.

As for Barry Weiss, it doesn't look like he is returning this season, or anytime soon. Interviewed earlier this year in Amsterdam, where he was "judging cannabis contests," and doing some traveling, he explained that he was shocked at how popular the show still is in the Netherlands, and in other countries.

Barry still gets stopped in places all over the world, like Spain, Italy, France, and England. Barry is a reality TV rock star.

How did Barry end up on a show about storage auctions?

A friend of Barry's, who first conceived of the show, Tom Beers, was enjoying libations at Barry's place. Beers told him about the abandoned storage lockers and the treasure hunters who bid for unknown items inside of them. Barry had not heard of this before, yet found it all intriguing.

Barry's first day on the set was with a group of seasoned storage locker veterans, none of whom he had met previously.

"I was in the import-export business with fruits and vegetables... with my brother. It was a family company started by my grandfather."


According to Closer Weekly, Barry has no plans to return to Storage Wars anytime soon, but he is open to returning to television in another type of show.

"I'd like to do like a motorsport show really. I'm really knowledgeable in all types. I'd really like to do that and travel the world, cause that's what I like."

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