'What We Do In The Shadows' Meets VICE In New Video Special [Video]

Nick Younker

What We Do In The Shadows was the runaway hit film that got widespread attention after its digital release in 2015 in the U.S. The film, which originally debuted in 2014 at the Sundance Film Festival, became an instant classic with horror and comedy fans across the country and has also been well received on the international stage as well.

Although What We Do In The Shadows is a "mockumentary" style with a healthy blend of horror and comedy, it has been universally loved by fans of both genres. So much so that fans quickly formed a cult-following for the film's top stars, Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement and Jonathan Brugh. Each actor skillfully brought his own unique charm to each character, but it was the film's unseen actors that really stole the show, which were the video documentary crew.

In What We Do In The Shadows, the documentary crew that was filming the vampires was taking a look at the internal dynamics between the vampires who were all sharing a flat in New Zealand. It was their unique screen captures that really helped give the film an interesting dynamic that hilariously exposed the lives of these fictional vampires, hence the title – What We Do In The Shadows.

— WhatWeDoInTheShadows (@DeliciousNecks) April 28, 2015

It might also be worth mentioning that What We Do In The Shadows has had so much buzz around it since its Sundance premiere that there has also been talk about a potential sequel, or even a spinoff with the werewolves ("not swearwolves").

Check out the VICE interview with What We Do In The Shadows actors Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement below.