‘While You Were Sleeping’ Episodes 9-10 Spoilers: Hong Joo Faces Death Again, Can Jung Jae Change Her Fate?

While You Were Sleeping spoilers for Episodes 9 and 10 tease more struggles for Nam Hong Joo (Bae Suzy). Death will come looking for her, and it seems like Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) is the only person who can save her. Spoilers for Episodes 9-10 tease Nam Hong Joo will make a big decision involving her career and her life.

In the pilot episode of While You Were Sleeping, Hong Joo was working in a restaurant with her mother. In Episode 9, Hong Joo’s life before she met prosecutor Jae Chan will be revealed. While You Were Sleeping spoilers tease Hong Joo stopped being a reporter because in one of her dreams, she collapsed while doing her job. Her mother will ask her if she will go back to being a reporter even if she knows doing so will put her in trouble.

Spoilers tease Hong Joo will argue that the future can change. Hong Joo’s future already changed several times in the previous episodes of the series –the car accident during Valentine’s Day and the death of the abusive husband which will lead to the imprisonment of Jae Chan’s brother. In the upcoming episode of While You Were Sleeping Hong Joo’s mother will ask him if Jae Chan will save him or protect him from the problems which are set to haunt her in the future.

In the upcoming episode of While You Were Sleeping, Jae Chan’s co-workers in the Prosecutor’s Office will realize who Hong Joo is. She used to be one of the toughest reporters for SBC, and seeing her wearing an apron will make them wonder why the top reporter decided to work at a restaurant.


While the scenes ahead are worth looking forward to, the upcoming episode seems to be referencing the former projects of the main actors. Lee Joong Suk, who plays the role of Jae Chan, was a reporter in the drama Pinocchio, and there were also references to W. The scene where Hong Joo collapsed seems quite similar to the pilot episode of Uncontrollably Fond.

The episode preview for While You Were Sleeping reveal Hong Joo will tag along Jae Chan, and they have a serious conversation in a coffee shop. It seems like she will ask him for advice if it’s time for her to go to work. She knows it will be tough to go back to being a reporter since she can see the future. She will also reveal her fears about the future.

A scene from the upcoming episode of While You Were Sleeping shows Hong Joo being chased by a man and Jae Chan comes to save her. Who she needs to run away from and why her job could lead to her death are yet to be revealed. Needless to say, it will be another exciting episode in While You Were Sleeping as Jae Chan and Hong Joo tries to defy their future.

While You Were Sleeping Episodes 9-10 is set to air on Wednesday, 10 p.m. KST on SBS.


[Featured Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images and Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images]