Rose McGowan Calls Out Matt Damon, Casey And Ben Affleck, Russell Crowe To Speak Up Against Harvey Weinstein

Rose McGowan has become the strongest voice against Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment as she now calls out a number of A-list actors to speak up or resign from The Weinstein Co. amid the allegations of paying off employees and actresses to keep them silent for decades.

Last week, the 65-year-old Miramax co-founder had been dubbed as a sexual abuser in an explosive New York Times report that revealed how Weinstein paid off his accusers for decades to keep them quiet.

Among them is the 44-year-old Charmed actress who has gradually become the strongest voice in Hollywood against the shamed mogul. Now, she is calling out several A-list actors to take action or be ashamed for keeping quiet all these years despite having knowledge about Weinstein’s questionable conduct.

After calling out for the immediate resignation of The Weinstein Company on Monday via Twitter, the actress-producer also identified several actors who have remained mum about the issue over the years and should be taking a stand.

“Hey @mattdamon what’s it like to be a spineless profiteer who stays silent?” Rose McGowan wrote on a Tweet that featured a screenshot of the names of the company’s board members.

“They knew. They funded. They advised. They covered up. They must be exposed. They must resign.”

An hour later, she called out brothers Casey and Ben Affleck, checking how their morning is going and seemingly waiting for them to speak up about the controversial producer and shared an article from Vulture that revealed how Russell Crowe and Matt Damon were among those who tried to “kill” the NY Times Harvey Weinstein article.

According to Vanity Fair, Rose McGowan appeared to have warned people about Harvey Weinstein in 2016 when she alluded to an unnamed studio head who raped her. Citing her Twitter posts a year ago, the outlet took note of the difficult time she underwent and the reason why she had not identified her molester.

After one year, it appears as though the culprit may have just been identified as Vanity Fair noted how the actress was among those mentioned in the NY Times expose and had been in a relationship with Robert Rodriguez, the director of the 2007 movie Grindhouse, which was distributed by independent label Dimension Films owned by The Weinstein Co.

McGowan or her representative have yet to respond to the outlet’s request for comment on the matter, however, there is a good chance that the shamed entertainment mogul may be the rapist she was referring to a year ago.

Now, it seems like the 44-year-old actress is finally making the matter her top priority as she continues to call out celebrities to take action or speak up amidst the deafening silence that has grappled Hollywood for decades of Harvey Weinstein’s misconduct.

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[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for TCM]