Asa Soltan Rahmati Responds To Mercedes 'MJ' Javid's Claim She Cheated On Ex And Got Her House Out Of It

Karen de Wilde

Did Asa Soltan Rahmati really get caught cheating on her ex-husband? That's what her Shahs of Sunset co-star and former friend Mercedes "MJ" Javid claimed during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night. Shocking host Andy Cohen and the other guest for the night, Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis, MJ said that Asa was caught in bed with another man during her marriage. MJ further claimed that Asa later extorted the man she cheated with and that's how she got the house that she currently lives in.

During the talk show, a viewer asked MJ why she's so jealous of Asa. MJ denied any jealousy of Asa. According to MJ, her behavior towards Asa is simply the result of realizing that Asa never regarded her as a friend and kept secret her plan to get pregnant. MJ then asked why she should continue to keep Asa's secrets secret and spilled the beans.

"I've kept all of her secrets for so long. She was married to a guy for 10 years. She never talks about where her house came from, that she lives in. She was with him for 10 years...She got caught in bed allegedly having sex with another man and then he walked away and she threatened him because she had dirt on him and that's why she has the house that she has."

During the after-show, a viewer asked MJ if she thinks she and Asa will ever be friends again. Andy laughingly said that the answer is obviously a "no," especially after what MJ earlier claimed about Asa. Andy added that if he was Asa, he would go torch MJ's house. MJ replied that the man Asa cheated with later sued her.

"Yeah, you know, go ahead and try it and get that settlement. Cause that man sued her and so, no, we'll never be friends again."

In regards to MJ's claim that Asa got caught cheating on her ex-husband and extorted a house out of the man she cheated with, Asa declared it a lie. Asa tweeted that MJ only goes on Andy's talk show to "make up stuff" about her life.