Stephen Paddock ‘Mystery Woman’ Identified: Woman Seen With Las Vegas Gunman Was Prostitute, Not An Accomplice

Stephen Paddock’s “mystery woman” has reportedly been identified, and authorities believe the person seen with the Las Vegas gunman in the days before his mass killing spree was not an accomplice; she was a prostitute.

Investigators had revealed that the man who killed 58 people in the nation’s worst mass shooting had been spotted with an unidentified woman in the days before the massacre.

Paddock took his own life as police closed in, leaving few clues about why or how he pulled off the shooting. That has led investigators to search for any kind of evidence about his actions or planning leading up to the shooting and whether he may have had help. That brought considerable interest to the woman who had been seen with Paddock, who earlier in the week remained unidentified.

But officials told ABC News on Friday that the woman seen with Stephen Paddock was a prostitute, and she is not considered a suspect or accomplice in the crime. Police did not identify the woman by name.

There had been speculation that Paddock may have had help in bringing the 24 weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition into his hotel room at the Mandalay Bay last weekend. Paddock shot out two windows from his 32nd floor room and opened fire on a country music festival below, firing for between nine and 11 minutes.

Police said they are confident that there were no other shooters, the New York Post reported.

While the “mystery woman” seen with Stephen Paddock may not be much of a lead, police said they have uncovered some other evidence. As ABC News noted, a note was found in Paddock’s room that had a series of numbers written on it, though investigators have yet to discern the meaning of these numbers.

The lack of clues about Stephen Paddock’s shooting spree has now led police in Las Vegas to reach out to the community for help. They asked anyone who knew Paddock or interacted with him to come forward with information that could help unlock the mystery of his shooting.

“There’s people that know this individual. There’s people that can help us understand this individual,” said Sheriff Joseph Lombardo.

The report from ABC News did not note if police were talking to the now-identified “mystery woman” who had been spotted with Stephen Paddock, or if the prostitute he reportedly visited could have any clues about his motives.

[Featured Image by John Locher/AP Images]