‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cassandra Revealed As Valentin’s Sister – Irina Cassadine Back From The Dead?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors are in overdrive about Cassandra (Jessica Tuck), the jewelry theft ring co-conspirator. Fans have noted how much Cassandra looks like Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) and that might be very intentional casting. It seems that Cassandra might be Helena’s daughter, who was presumed dead for years. Is Valentin Cassadine’s (James Patrick Stuart) long-lost sister Irina Cassadine headed to Port Charles to visit her baby brother? Soap Opera News first reported Jessica Tuck’s casting, but there might be more to this mystery woman than meets the eye.

Cassandra was Irina Cassadine’s favorite fake identity

GH history reminds us that Irina was on the ABC soap for just three months back at the end of 2011 and dying a horrid death at the whims of her wicked mother, Helena, in February 2012. She was played by Alyshia Oche and was a brief love interest of Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons), son of Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary). Ethan fell for the disturbed psych patient who called herself “Cassandra” who was haunting the corners of Wyndemere. He later found out she was Helena’s only daughter Irina Cassadine.

Back when Irina was in Port Charles masquerading under the name Cassandra, the identity of her father was never mentioned. However, viewers know that Mikkos Cassadine was the love of Helena’s life and it is unlikely that she would have had a child with anyone else. Plus, Irina (the first time around) was born in 1980 and Mikkos didn’t die until 1981, so the timing is right for Mikkos to be her dad and no known information contradicts it. That would make Valentin and Irina/Cassandra half-siblings.

Irina was “killed” in 2012 – but Cassadines never die

Cassandra was the name Irina used when she was scamming Ethan (before she fell in love with him) and that could explain why the jewel fence is using the name. It’s her alter ego, the one that she used when she was hiding from her awful mother. The new Cassandra actress, Jessica Tuck, is several years older than the first, so her age aligns even better to make her the daughter of Mikkos, and full-blood sister to Stavros and Stefan Cassadine and half-sister to Valentin and Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn).

Remember when Cassandra spoke on the phone with Valentin this week? She reminded him that they had a past and told him “abiento mon cherie” which means “see you soon my darling.” That seems to imply that she and Valentin have a close relationship, but it need not be romantic. In fact, it could be the greeting of a sister to her “darling” brother. While it’s true that Helena had Irina shot and she reportedly “died,” that means nothing. Helena could have scooped her up, frozen her, and kept her on ice for a while.

Jessica Tuck spilled some info to Soap Digest on her mysterious role that will last at least ten episodes, but perhaps longer, and it seems increasingly likely that she’s a closet Cassadine! Tuck told SOD that her engagement at GH is “open-ended” and says when it comes to opportunities to come back to the soaps she will “never say never” and that means if she’s a Cassadine, she might stick around. With Nikolas Cassadine (formerly Tyler Christopher) rumored to be recast for November sweeps, it might be time for a Cassadine family reunion.

Cassandra and Valentin – siblings and enemies of Helena

In fact, Helena kept Stavros on ice twice after two “deaths” and successfully revived him twice. It seems a waste for the Cassadine witch to have killed her only daughter (who was also a highly trained assassin) when she could have frozen her to bring her back later. Irina escaped imprisonment on Cassadine Island before and could have done it again – or Valentin could have thawed and stolen his sister. Both siblings hated Helena and could have schemed against her. Check out the Cassadine family tree from Soap Central to see the family ties.

Valentin was involved in the jewelry theft ring – that’s known – but washed his hands of his criminal past. The “mon cherie” reference makes it seem like they’re former lovers to fool General Hospital viewers and delay the reveal that they’re really brother and sister. With Cassandra on her way to Port Charles to get treatment from Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), we’ll find out soon if Cassandra is Valentin’s former lover or his half-sister. The more Cassadines, the better.

What do you think? Is Cassandra another Cassadine coming to Port Charles? Will she set up shop at Wyndemere and annoy Valentin? How long until Valentin is forced to reveal his connection to Cassandra to Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford)? Read about Steve Burton’s Patient 6 reveal on October 19 in Port Charles, how Sam’s Cassadine penny ties to two Jason plot and the big Miller-Burton twist coming plus check back often for more General Hospital spoilers.

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