Las Vegas Shooter Had Escape Plan: 'Secret Life' Of Stephen Paddock Hampers Investigation

There is evidence that Stephen Paddock planned to survive and escape after showering a packed concert with bullets and creating a massacre from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Las Vegas police confirmed that they've found evidence that Paddock had an escape plan after unleashing the worst mass killing in modern-day U.S. history.

The numerous unanswered questions regarding Paddock's plan are slowly being answered, but the motive for this shooting is still a mystery. Police also confirmed that Paddock did not leave a suicide note in the hotel room where police found him dead of a self-inflicted gunshot, reports Fox News.

Paddock's girlfriend remained with FBI agents in Los Angeles for hours yesterday as they questioned her after returning from the Philippians. She voluntarily returned from her trip, which she took after she was "surprised" with a ticket from Paddock.

What is known so far is that Paddock was a "disturbed" and "dangerous" man, which is what Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of Clark County passed along at a news conference yesterday. Police believe they have evidence of Paddock's intentions of escaping that hotel room after the mass shooting, but police cannot release the details of just what that evidence is as of yet.

Lombardo said, "What we know is Stephen Paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and living a secret life, much of which will never be fully understood."

He lived a "secret life," which is making it hard for police to uncover his motive in this shooting. It is because of this secret life he led that police are finding it hard to round up all his personal relationships today. According to CBS News, Sheriff Lombardo says Stephen Paddock "must have had some help, but the gunman's motive is still a mystery." He also said they are not ruling out the possibility that Paddock had accomplices in this crime.

Marilou Danley told the FBI investigators that it never occurred to her that Paddock was planning an act of violence. She thought Paddock sent her to the Phillipeans and then wired her a large sum of money because he was breaking up with her, according to Fox News on Thursday morning.

The questions about that $100,000 money wire were answered by Danley during the FBI questioning yesterday. That money was sent to Danley from Paddock, and she was told to buy a house for her and her family, which sparked her worry that he was ending their relationship. From all reports, Danley has been very cooperative with investigators, she came back to the U.S. voluntarily when asked by the agency.
Police are now looking into the possibility that Paddock had help in orchestrating this horrific event, and they also believe he may have had help with an escape plan, one that never materialized.

Paddock rented a room in downtown Las Vegas at the Ogden Hotel at the end of September while the "Life is Beautiful" festival was taking place. Police are not sure if this was a possible "dry run," or if he had plans on carrying out a massacre that weekend. Police are going over the surveillance videos from the Ogden Hotel in hopes of finding some answers.

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