‘Alaskan Bush People’ News: How Much Is The Brown Family Worth After Living In The Backcountry Of Alaska

Alaskan Bush People started out as a reality show about a family living in the backcountry of the Alaska wilderness. They bartered to get what they needed because they had no money. Fans were so enamored with the family that they actually tried to give them money.

Billy Brown and his wife Ami, along with their seven children, began the reality show in 2014. Since then, fans have had seven seasons of Alaskan Bush People. Viewers have seen the family struggle to overcome the harsh weather and demanding terrain as they created Browntown. Fans remember when the family went through personal struggles, like when Ami’s family has tried to reconnect, and health issues where the Browns have bartered fish for treatment. Followers of the show have started to feel a kinship with the family over the years.

Now that Ami Brown is terminally ill with stage 4 cancer, the next season of the show is in question. The Brown family is concentrating on Ami and each other before any definite decisions are made by them and the Discovery Channel.

There have been questions lately regarding the financial standing of Bam Bam. He and girlfriend Allison Kagan are reportedly moving to the Bahamas to live on a boat they purchased a few months ago. Fans of Alaskan Bush People wondered if the ex-reality star was secretly loaded.

It appears the Brown family has done well for themselves over the last seven seasons of Alaskan Bush People. According to a recent report by In Touch Weekly, Billy Brown has about $5,000,000 and the kids another $40,000 to $50,000 each. Things have come a long way for them since the trailer, holding everything they owned, had a blowout, as they left their burned-out cabin all those years ago. With a combined net worth of approximately $60,000,000, the family had no problem purchasing 40 acres in Colorado to build a new Browntown.


Latest reports have the family still in California. Ami is at home spending time with her family but has only a three percent chance of survival. No matter how much money they have, they will soon be saying goodbye to their matriarch.

Are you surprised to learn the Alaskan Bush People have such a high net worth? Do you think the family will continue filming the show in Colorado? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Discovery]