'LPBW': Matt Shares Adorable Video Of Baby Jackson As Roloff Farms Braces For Pumpkin Season

The Roloff family is gearing up for pumpkin season, and what better way to spend the calm before the storm than to have baby Jackson pick up some pumpkins for himself and his cousin Ember Jean.

Of course, 4-month-old Jackson is too young to actually harvest a pumpkin, but he may have had a hand in choosing which one he wanted for himself. Matt, the Little People, Big World patriarch, posted a video of baby Jackson with the pumpkin he apparently chose.

Matt said that this was the very first pumpkin that baby Jackson picked. He also said that his grandson got it out back.

Joining Jackson in the short video are his parents, Zach and Tori. Matt, himself, could not be seen in the video, but he can be heard talking. The video also got a glimpse of a cameraman, which suggests the special moment may be shown in one of the future episodes in the next season of Little People, Big World.

Tori confirmed that shooting has begun for the upcoming season when she mentioned in her Instagram stories that she already shot her first interview for the season.

Tori also posted a photo of Jackson and his "perfect pumpkin." Mother and son were both rocking their matching overalls as Jackson held onto his pumpkin.

Pumpkin season officially begins this coming Saturday, September 30. According to the Roloff Farms official website, people can come visit on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pumpkin season at the farm ends on October 29.

Amy posted a photo of one of the pumpkins growing in the Roloff Farms, and it looks ready for the picking.

Matt is working overtime along with his team to get the farm ready for Saturday. According to Amy, Roloff Farms will be open every weekend for those interested in getting their hands on some pumpkins.


Pumpkin season is not the only reason to visit the farm. Roloff Farms has become a popular tourist destination because of the many activities and sights that people can enjoy. Among the highlights of the place are Molly's Castle, the ark, mill, goat walk, pirate ship, the bridge to nowhere, mining trestle, and the little white church. The spot where Molly and Joel exchanged their "I do's" figures to be another popular destination on the farm, especially with the benches Matt made with his bare hands.

Most of the visitors, however, mainly want to get a glimpse of the Roloff family. Matt still resides on the farm and makes sure everything's in tip-top shape. The rest of the family come and go as often as possible, so there's a chance that fans of the reality TV show can see the Roloffs. They also have two more reasons to visit the farm: Jackson and Ember Jean.

Two members of the Roloff family have been out of the show for quite some time now. Molly went away for college and recently got married. The youngest of the Roloff siblings, Jacob, left the show, but he has since made up with the rest of the Roloffs. In fact, Jacob and his girlfriend, Isabel Rock, have been visiting the farm as often as they can.

It remains to be seen if the whole family will gather once more in the farm for this year's pumpkin season, especially now that Matt and Amy are already divorced. Amy giving her support to Matt through her social media posts is a good sign, though.

[Featured image by Matt Roloff/Instagram]