‘Little People, Big World’: Tori Roloff Helps Sister-In-Law Audrey In Her Postpartum Struggle

On Sept. 10, Audrey Roloff became a mom to her adorable baby girl, Ember Jean. The Little People, Big World star recently opened up about the challenges of being a first-time mom. On her latest Instagram post, Audrey bravely admitted that she’s currently experiencing postpartum pains.

“The first 24 hours with Ember were bliss, but after that, it was if I went back to labor again,” the 26-year-old shared.

“I was well prepared for the pain and suffering that comes with childbirth, but I was not prepared for the pain and suffering that comes afterwards.”

According to Mental Health America, postpartum disorder, often called baby blues, is quite common especially among first-time mothers. This is usually brought about by hormonal fluctuations after giving birth, heightened by physical pains and body changes. Audrey Roloff revealed that she’s got all the “common” postpartum symptoms–from severe breast engorgement, milk supply problems, and even mastitis.

“Inevitably, all of this has left me feeling like I am failing my baby, frustrated, discouraged, and heart ached.”

Thankfully, Audrey can count on the entire Little People, Big World family for help and support. When she and Jeremy celebrated their third wedding anniversary last week, LPBW matriarch Ami Roloff took care of their dinner and sent over a fancy meal of steak because she knew Jeremy and Audrey couldn’t leave their house.

Tori Roloff is also a big help to her sister-in-law these days. Having given birth herself just four months ago, Tori knows the physical and emotional pain a woman goes through after labor. After Audrey’s emotional Instagram post about her postpartum struggles, Tori left a comment to encourage her sister-in-law.

“You’re a warrior mama!” Tori wrote.

“Love you so much, sister!”

On Saturday night, Tori posted on her Instagram Stories that she’s baking lactation cookies for Audrey. Upon receiving the treat, Audrey took to Instagram Stories and responded to Tori’s sweet gesture. She stated that Tori has been “a saint” to her these past two weeks since she’s given birth.

It’s certainly nice to see the two Roloff women helping each other in this new season of their lives. Tori and Audrey went through pregnancy together and now, they will experience motherhood together as well. For Little People, Big World fans, it will be exciting to see baby Jackson and his cousin Ember Jean grow up side-by-side at the Roloff Farms.

The long-running family show is set to return on TLC very soon. The new season will likely focus on Jackson and Ember and how the two babies will change the dynamics of the whole Roloff family.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]