Melania’s $350 Sunglasses Backlash: Twitter Scolds Melania For Hiding Behind Glasses So Often [Video]

It’s no secret that First Lady Melania Trump is a fan of designer clothing and accessories. As reported by the Inquisitr, Melania left the White House on Thursday morning wearing a pair of $750 Chanel flats. However, along with the attention that Melania has received recently for wearing high heels or flats, Melania has also gained attention for the types of designer sunglasses she wears — along with how often Melania wears sunglasses. As seen in the above photo, Melania wore one style of sunglasses as President Trump spoke with reporters Thursday morning prior to flying to Fort Myers, Florida. By the time the duo landed in Florida, Melania had switched to a different pair of sunglasses when greeting residents affected by Hurricane Irma.

As seen in the below video, Melania wore a baseball cap and a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses that the title of the YouTube video praised. However, a search for “Melania sunglasses” on Twitter featured results that determined not everyone was a fan of Melania wearing sunglasses so often while trying to connect with the public. One Twitter user asked Melania directly what she was hiding behind the sunglasses, and asked Melania if she shouldn’t make eye contact with people.

Other Twitter users echoed the same sentiments about Melania wearing sunglasses while speaking with folks in Florida. While Melania may have been wearing sunglasses to help shield her eyes from the sun and protect against squinting and wrinkles in the delicate skin around the eyes, certain people online commented that wearing sunglasses so often while in close proximity to people was a “weird” or rude move. Others came up with a plethora of theories as to why Melania wears sunglasses so often, which can be read below.

In fact, Melania was even photographed wearing her sunglasses at night in August, as reported by the Inquisitr. And Melania’s designer sunglasses aren’t cheap. As reported by Vogue, Melania recently wore a pair of Saint Laurent Mirrored Oversized Flat-Top Sunglasses, which are priced at $350, and appear to be different than the mirrored sunglasses Melania wore on Thursday. The cost and plentitude Melania’s designer items is another factor often mentioned in criticisms about Melania. Read more comments being made about Melania and her penchant for sunglasses below.

“Someone should tell Melania that she should remove her sunglasses when trying to connect with people.”

“Why does Melania have to wear those mirrored sunglasses? Weird to me. Ha ha she just lifted them.”

“Trump and Melania touring Naples, Florida, hurricane damage – she in her designer sunglasses and he in his Polo. They have no clue.”

“Why does Melania wear big sunglasses & her hat pulled down low? Does not give the appearance of friendliness or caring…bad body language.”

“What’s with Melania and the sunglasses? Not even sunny over there is it?”


“Why is Melania always wearing dark sunglasses?! Would her eyes betray her true feelings + show she knows he’s a bare faced shameless liar!”

“Does Melania have two black eyes or something? Why the constant sunglasses and fidgeting?”

“So I’m convinced that Melania has a contract with a well-known company that sells sunglasses. Why else would she wear them rain or shine?”

“I think Melania always wears those sunglasses so she can roll her eyes at all the BS that comes out of his mouth.”

“I love Melania’s sunglasses today. Perfect for Florida.”

“I think Melania is always wearing sunglasses so she avoids looking Trump in the eye or at all.”

“Melania only wears sunglasses when there is no sunshine.”

“Why does Melania ALWAYS wear BIG and DARK sunglasses? Abused or always crying?”

“Why does Melania always wear sunglasses when it is overcast?”


[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]