Southwest Airlines Flew 64 Puppies And Kittens On A Plane, Saved The Animals From Hurricane

Southwest Airlines is making news for the steps taken to save more than 60 puppies and kittens from Hurricane Harvey. As reported by Business Insider, Southwest Airlines termed their rescue efforts “Operation Pets Alive!” The below photos show the puppies and kittens on the plane after being rescued from shelters that had turned away the animals due to overcrowding. Southwest Airlines created the “Operation Pets Alive!” effort as a response, and transported the puppies from Houston to San Diego. The puppies and kittens will be adopted out to loving homes via the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Most of the photos show puppies and dogs on the Southwest Airlines flight, with a least one little kitten shown. The flight attendants ensured the dogs and cats were comfortable and safely fastened in their seats before takeoff. Lots of selfie photos with the puppies and kittens were taken, as seen below. Helen Woodward Animal Center will put the puppies and kittens up for adoption shortly, with some of the pets having already found foster homes. Linda Rutherford, the Southwest Airlines Chief Communications Officer, stated that Hurricane Harvey harmed a region that had an effect upon many in the storm, including animals. By transporting shelter animals to San Diego, Southwest Airlines said they showed love for the animals.


The flight full of puppies was called the “best flight ever,” as seen in the above photo from the Twitter page of Joe Little, a reporter for in San Diego. Crates full of puppies and kittens can be seen being loaded off of a Southwest Airlines flight below.


The puppies and kittens rescued from the wrath of Hurricane Harvey were also pictured on the Southwest Airlines Twitter page, as seen above, with flight attendants cuddling the furry animals and giving them kisses. It wasn’t just one rescue organization saving puppies and kittens from Hurricane Harvey. Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma member Megan Lowry saved a puppy from a house that had flooded in the wake of the storm on September 2, in Orange, Texas.



[Featured Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]