Popular New Age Author Doreen Virtue Converts To Christianity, Disappoints Fans

Doreen Virtue made a huge impact on the New Age movement. She racked up millions of followers thanks to her Angel Oracle cards and books on angel therapy, becoming the face for the New Age movement along the way. However, Doreen has since had a change of heart about her personal spiritual journey. Ever since she encountered Jesus a few times in her life, she decided to convert to Christianity. While most of her fans are supportive of her decision, others are disappointed.

This announcement wasn’t a surprise for everyone. Hay House author and angel therapist Doreen Virtue hinted about her Christianity conversion earlier this year. She still launched her Ascended Masters books and decks. She gave daily and weekly oracle card readings on her social media accounts. That’s not the case anymore. Doreen Virtue is now a faithful Christian and has renounced the New Age movement.

Doreen Virtue became a household name in the angel market. She was called the “Queen Of Angel Work” for the past decade. She taught angel healing and therapy on her website along with her books and her oracle cards. Not only was Virtue an important figure in the angel community, but she was also prevalent in the New Age movement. Many looked up to her for guidance and inspiration.

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She announced her latest evolution in her spiritual journey. Virtue has been baptized, given her life to Jesus, and renounced the New Age movement. She calls herself a “born-again Christian” on her official website. The change happened when she saw a vision of Jesus on Jan. 7, 2017, during her church service, and again after her baptism a month later.

“And he was looking at me, but it wasn’t a sense of me personally like my ego, it was a sense of everyone that included me, and when I saw him it was a whole different experience than I had ever had in seeing the angels or in any of the work I had done. This was the most three dimensional experience I have ever seen.”

Virtue has referred to herself as a clairvoyant, medium, and tarot card reader in the past. She even made a career off her psychic abilities. Now, Virtue will no longer promote her books on psychic readings and angel healings. Virtue told Hay House Publishing to donate the royalties she receives from her cards to their charity. She will take her name off them in about a year, according to Reasons For Jesus.

Since her conversion, she has been working on a book called Mornings With The Lord, which is a daily devotional reading that includes prayers, thoughts for the day, and Scripture. Virtue’s conversion shouldn’t come as a shock to most fans. She has already included more Bible verses in her social media and has taken a God-focused, Bible-based approach to her work. Virtue is aware that this career change will affect her income, so she’s living a more minimalist lifestyle.

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Not everyone is happy with Virtue’s announcement. In another video, which was quickly removed from the internet, she called her followers “demonic” and “dark.” She even told her followers to burn some of her books and the decks associated with them. Others think Virtue’s newfound Christianity is another business decision, speculating that since she sold well in the New Age market, she wants to try a different market.

What are your thoughts? How do you feel about Doreen Virtue’s conversion to Christianity and the statements she made about the New Age movement? Sound off below in the comments section.

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