'Fixer Upper' Controversy: The Silos Are Becoming The 'Times Square' Of Waco, Chip & Joanna Almost Divorced

For as wholesome as Chip and Joanna Gaines -- the stars of the hit HGTV series Fixer Upper -- claim to be, they never seem to be shy of controversy for even one minute.

This latest controversy involves, of course, how Chip and Joanna turned Waco, Texas -- which was once only known for the David Koresh controversy -- into a tourist destination. And while it's great that the town is known for better things now, there are some residents of the town who aren't happy that "Chip and Jo" have turned it into "Times Square" thanks to their infamous "Magnolia Silos."

That's the word according to Fox News, who suggest that the stars of Fixer Upper have turned the town into the famed New York City landmark, and some people are none too pleased about the prospect. Claiming that the town was already on an upward trajectory before Chip and Jo became famous, the townspeople seem to resent the idea that Fixer Upper was the only reason the town experienced such a turnaround.

"Not everyone believes that the show's success is the reason for the boom. One realtor credits the skyrocketing housing prices and increase in taxes on the town's low housing supply, and not an influx of investors or homeowners coming in to buy up properties. Even Pendergraft admits Waco was on a 'bit of a growth trajectory' before the show, but she concedes that since the nation has fallen in love with the silly antics of the wholesome duo, that growth has accelerated — rapidly."

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  • And there's more controversy surrounding the Fixer Upper couple: It turns out that despite their claims of being a good Christian couple, there was a time that they nearly split up for good.

    According to Romper, the Gaines' near-split happened about six months into their relationship, when Chip took off for Mexico and left his business in the hands of a capable -- but confused -- Joanna.

    "After only 14 days in Mexico, Chip got an angry phone call from his then-girlfriend Joanna, who was appalled at how he had handled his businesses before leaving the country. 'All these people are coming to my dad's shop demanding to be paid, and there's no money! Lucky for you, your dad is bailing your sorry butt out,' Joanna told him, according to his memoir. 'You have three days to get back to Texas or this relationship is over.'"

    Fortunately, it looks like they plowed through some tough times, and became the beloved Fixer Upper couple we know and love today.

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    [Featured Image by HGTV]