GFW Knockout Sienna Accuses Charlotte Flair Of Stealing Her Gimmick

In the world of professional wrestling, there are very few people who can actually say that their gimmick is original. While Hulk Hogan is one of the most popular wrestlers in the history of the business, he grabbed some components from “Superstar” Billy Graham. Ric Flair, who is tied for the most world title reigns from an internationally-recognized company in pro wrestling history, had his way paved by “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers.

In today’s wrestling, the important nuance of character development is not as concentrated on as the times of yesteryear. While this is one of the elements that allow spectators to suspend reality, the focus has been shifting heavily toward the in-ring component. Despite this, there are some who still recognize the importance of a character in the wrestling business.

One of those people is former Divas and Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. Continuing the legacy of her father, Charlotte professes herself as “The Queen” while entering the arena donned with the finest robes. In 2016, Charlotte was one of the best characters on WWE television, and her in-ring work was just an added bonus to her fantastic all-around presentation.

For the past few months, Charlotte has been competing on SmackDown Live as a babyface. Charlotte has also reformed an alliance with her “Four Horsewomen” stablemate, Becky Lynch. One of the things they have together to publicly symbolize their alliance is the #TeaTime pose, where they both pretend to be holding a cup of tea, followed by giving each other a toast.


While this seems harmless to many, current GFW Knockouts star Sienna thinks otherwise.

Sienna went to Twitter to express her disapproval for Charlotte’s new gimmick, accusing her of mocking her mannerisms. The current Unified Knockouts Champion feels that she originated the pinky-up pose and advises Charlotte to let her know if she needed anything else to rip from her.


While this Twitter war will most likely not go very far, it certainly shows how characters in pro wrestling still matter. Although the two are in two different promotions and the pose only has faint similarities and different contexts, Sienna still feels that she is not getting the credit she deserves.

[Featured Image By Impact Wrestling]