August 7, 2017
Paranormal Travel: Ghost Hunt Weekends Turn Amateur Paranormal Investigators Into Pros

Travelers with an interest in ghosts and the paranormal used to walk around a city visiting historic sites and cemeteries to hear ghostly tales. But now the latest trend in paranormal travel goes beyond a history lesson to engaging with the spirit world firsthand. Ghost Hunt Weekends is one of the first companies to create weekend immersions in haunted locations, including their most recent paranormal investigation last Saturday at the Thomas House bed and breakfast in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee.

Thomas House's Paranormal Reputation

The Thomas House has been featured on Syfy's Ghost Hunters and has been ranked by CNN as the second most haunted place in America, according to the Ghost Hunt Weekends site. For the group gathered Saturday night, the investigation yielded plenty of evidence to mull over with audio recordings — or EVPs — as well as responses on various technological devices commonly used in paranormal investigations, such as Spirit Boxes, Ovilus devices, and an experimental "Ghost Portal" developed by the Ghost Hunt Weekends staff. The Ghost Portal works by scanning frequencies the same as a Spirit Box, but without the high level of background noise associated with the Spirit Box.

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High Tech Vs. Low Tech Paranormal Investigations

While the Ghost Portal showed great promise, some of the best evidence of the night was audible without any technology during EVP sessions. Thomas House is known for having a whistler on the premises, which provided the Ghost Hunters team with some of their most impressive audio evidence during their Season 8 episode filmed there. Several times during this investigation, Ghost Hunt Weekends crew members provoked single-note whistling responses in the second-floor hallway.

thomas house church in red boiling springs tn
The church across from Thomas House is also allegedly haunted, and included with paranormal investigation events. [Image by Diana Price/Inquisitr]

Many guests and crew also had intelligent responses on Ovilus devices and phone apps, which are devices that pick up words and responses inaudible to human ears. Even before the event started, an Ovilus device picked up the words "bathroom" and "burning skin" for one guest, who had no idea someone had died in the first-floor bathroom in a fire. In addition to the bed and breakfast, the owners of Thomas House also own an abandoned church across the street that yielded EVP evidence and pulsing orbs captured on video that hovered in one place, ruling out dust or insects.

There were also many sightings of shadow figures and "hits" to EMF meters that measure spikes in electro-magnetic energy. The paranormal investigation lasted all night as Ghost Hunt Weekends rented out the entire hotel to provide full access. That also meant lights out for the whole building, or at least total darkness before and after the midnight snack to keep crew and guests going strong 'til the wee hours.

What Keeps Ghost Hunt Weekends Coming Back?

Ghost Hunt Weekends president Chad Morin explained in the opening presentation that he and his crew do more investigations at Thomas House than anywhere else because that's where Ghosts Hunt Weekends was born. When Morin hosted his first investigation there, so many people asked for more opportunities to do paranormal investigating on the site that it became a regular monthly event, along with hosting celebrity paranormal investigation events at Thomas House and other locations.

thomas house
The Thomas House bed and breakfast in Red Boiling Springs, TN. [Image by Diana Price/Inquisitr]

Ghost Hunt Weekends has hosted events with Chip Coffey (Paranormal State, Psychic Kids), as well as Amy Bruni and Adam Berry of Ghost Hunters. On August 19, Ghost Hunt Weekends will investigate the Old Paulding Jail in Paulding, Ohio, with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers of Ghost Asylum and the upcoming series, Haunted Towns.

If you love paranormal TV, there are many paranormal investigation events to choose from to get real ghost hunting experience. Instead of sitting home Saturday night watching Ghost Adventures, try creating your own.

[Featured Image by Diana Price/Inquisitr]