Hacking Collective GhostShell Leaks 1.6 Million Company And Government Accounts

GhostShell Attack

The hacking collective known as GhostShell has released the accounts info and records for nearly 1.6 million government and industry accounts. According to the group, the documents span 37 different organizations and include raw data dumps which have been uploaded to Pastebin and Pastesite.

The hacking collective chose to attack agencies all over the world ranging from NASA and the FBI in the United States and the European Space Agency and Interpol in Europe. Data was also reportedly stolen from the Pentagon, Federal Reserve, and various other agencies.

GhostShell is calling the attacks #ProjectWhiteFox. The attacks grabbed IP address info, login details for various account times, home addresses of government workers, and even documents containing sensitive industry information.

The group hasn’t validated the info it has shared but claims to have also hacked “another 150 vulnerable servers from the Pentagon, NASA, DHS, Federal Reserve, Intelligence Firms, L-3 CyberSecurity, JAXA, etc.”

While the data breach has not yet been confirmed, the group is definitely capable of massive attacks. In October, GhostShell successfully breached more than 100 servers at various universities. After the college attack, more than 120,000 student records were released to the public.

GhostShell declared war against Russian in November.

In releasing this new group of data, GhostShell operatives claim to be done for 2012, noting that the massive 1.6 million documents were simply an “early Christmas present” for the group’s supporters.

Another day, another file dump containing information that nobody really cares about. Are you bored with the constant onslaught of online username/password file dumps being handed over by hacking collectives?