World Environment Day Is June 5 — How To Embrace This Year's Theme 'Connecting People To Nature'

Charisse Van Horn

World Environment Day takes place every June 5 and is a campaign held to create awareness regarding environmental issues that threaten humanity on a global level. The United Nations first launched World Environment Day on June 5, 1974, and the observance varies from many other holidays as it is hosted in a different country each year. For 2017, Canada is the host country and this year's theme is "Connecting to Nature." The theme encourages people from all parts of the world to recognize, appreciate, and enjoy the beauty of nature. By enjoying nature, it is hoped that people will take steps to protect nature in their local environments, thereby creating a global movement that implements change.

As Canada is this year's host country, they chose the theme "Connecting to Nature" and are the crux from where other events stem. Social media has become a vital tool for promoting World Environment Day and there are several hashtags being used to create awareness. Those planning to connect with nature or hold an event are encouraged to share photos and videos using one of the following hashtags: #worldenvironmentday #WED #worldenvironmentday2017 #saveplanet #withnature #imwithnature and #unitednations. Though there are many hashtags being used, both #worldenvironmentday and #withnature are the two hashtags actively promoted by the United Nations. You can follow the United Nations World Environment Day on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and YouTube.

UN Environment's Goodwill Ambassadors Don Cheadle and Gisele Bünchen released a public service announcement via YouTube discussing this year's World Environment Day theme and encouraged people across the globe to go outside and connect with nature. You may watch a playlist featuring World Environment 2017 videos, including the Don Cheadle and Gisele Bünchen announcement in the player below.

This World Environment Day, you are encouraged to not only spend time enjoying nature whether it's at parks, beaches, on hiking trails, or exploring caverns, mountains, or other outdoor activities, but to reflect upon humanity's dependence upon nature for survival. By connecting to nature in your local environment you can learn more about the world we live in while developing a greater appreciation for the impact nature plays in our lives.

[Featured Image by Dobby Shutter/Shutterstock]