‘Destination Wedding’: Hallmark Movie In Exotic Acapulco, Mexico, Resort, Starring Alexa PenaVega

Destination Wedding is an exotic beach resort movie that is set to debut on Hallmark Channel tonight, the Los Angeles Times reports today. According to Hallmark’s movie credits, the director is James Head and the writer is listed as Nina Weinman. Hallmark’s Destination Wedding is produced by Front Street Pictures in association with Anne Carlucci, the executive producer. The romantic TV film follows a top interior designer who plans a Mexican destination wedding for her sister but in an unexpected twist, she is introduced to love for the second time. Destination Wedding stars Alexa PenaVega as Ellie Hamilton, Jeremy Guilbaut as Greg Mount, Rafael Simon as Javier, Andrea Brooks as Mandy, Andrew Dunbar as Jason, Paula Shaw as Grandma Goldie, Fred Henderson as Thomas, Preston Vanderslice as Alec, Lakshmi Picazo as Jules, and Rodrigo Massa as AJ.

Destination Wedding on Hallmark Synopsis

Set in Acapulco, Mexico, Destination Wedding brings you the story of Ellie, a talented Los Angeles interior designer, who has been commissioned to plan her sister’s dream wedding. Mandy, the bride, wants a destination wedding at a beautiful resort.

All the relatives will be there, and this is the perfect opportunity for Ellie to show off her boyfriend, Alec. However, Alec has other plans, and it doesn’t include attending the wedding.

This hurts Ellie. She knows in her heart that this must mean that Alec is having problems committing. She’s absolutely right. Alec does not want to attend the wedding, and the thought that Ellie’s ex is the best man makes him uncomfortable.

Once they arrive, Ellie busies herself with all the small details. Meanwhile, Mandy tries to remain calm while taking in the beautiful surroundings. However, her plans to have a beautiful wedding are dashed after she gets into a huge fight with the groom-to-be.

All of this unfolds just as the wedding guests are arriving. With the groom and the bride missing, Ellie and Greg spring into action by accommodating guests and setting up poolside activities, salsa dance lessons, and golf.

While trying to pull the exotic destination wedding together, Ellie and Greg find they still have feelings for each other. And now, with the likelihood that Mandy and Jason are about to call off their wedding, Ellie and Greg’s blooming romance might open the way for them to walk down the aisle, instead.

About Actress Alexa PenaVega via Hallmark Channel

“Alexa PenaVega, a Miami native, is an actress and a singer. Her career began as a young girl in 1996, when she starred as Jo Harding in the hit film Twister. After that, she guest-starred in various television shows and films such as The Bernie Mac Show, ER and Ghost Whisperer. The movie that catapulted her to worldwide fame was the 2001 film Spy Kids, in which she starred as Carmen Cortez. After the enormous success of that movie, there were two sequels: Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams and Spy Kids 3D: Game Over, as well as the 2011 reprisal, Spy Kids: All the Time in the World. PenaVega went on to appear in many other films such as Sleepover, State’s Evidence, Odd Girl Out, Walkout, Remember the Daze, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Helix, The Devil’s Carnival and The Pregnancy Project.”

Hallmark viewers are in for a visual treat with Hallmark’s movie Destination Wedding. In a behind the scenes look, the actors had great fun filming in Mexico. Seeing the bold colors and lively festivities meshed really well with the storyline. A few of the scenes are shot in what looks like an artisan market. The small Mexican town provided a unique place to experience a rich culture of new people, new foods, and a more relaxed way of living.

Set against the Pacific ocean and tropical palm trees, Acapulco, one of the top wedding destinations in the world for dream weddings, attracts millions of visitors from around the world, who are ready to experience the local people’s hospitality, the beach resort, and the nightlife.

Fans of the Hallmark Channel will be brought into the cultural journey when Destination Wedding premieres this Saturday, June 3, at 9/8 p.m. Central on the Hallmark Channel. Last week, Hallmark Channel saw great success with the movie All For Love, which premiered last weekend.

Destination Wedding Hallmark Movie Trailer

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